Sneak Peek: Cowboys and Pearls by Lynn Stark

Cowboys and Pearls Book Cover

Silver, Colorado, welcomes two flashy new residents who waste no time stirring up local libidos in the fifth book of Lynn Stark’s Loving in Silver series, Cowboys and Pearls. Renowned Japanese-American fashion designers Wesley and Teddy Kimura have retired from their jet-setting lifestyles to settle down in Silver, and they’ve had their eye on a companion in town for some time. When they’re not fussing over their glitzy wardrobe choices, the twins are trying to corner Nick Walker, the handsome cowboy who recently lost his wife and partner.

Nick, however, isn’t sure that a relationship with the Kimura twins is the best thing right now for him or for his daughter, Elizabeth. The twins are easy on the eyes, to be sure, but the pain of his loss continues to prevent him from moving on to other opportunities. His initial rebuff of the twins’ advances leaves them bitter and broken, and it seems love isn’t in their future.

Enter Breck Gordon. The bouncer at the Silver Edge has been admiring Wesley and Teddy from afar for some time now, and he wastes no time in making a move. Breck quickly learns that the twins are down for a good time, but he can also sense that they’re still licking their wounds over Nick’s rejection. Unsure whether his time with them is permanent or just a fling, Breck does his best to stay at an emotional distance.

The heroes of Cowboys and Pearls find themselves at odds with one another from the very start. Will Nick realize it’s not too late to make things right with the men of his dreams? Will he be able to deal with stubborn, domineering Breck Gordon? Silver’s newest ménage has a lot to overcome on its way to a happily ever after, but the journey is filled with humor, sacrifice, and plenty of steamy encounters.

Review by Staff Contributor