Sneak Peek: Elan by Joyee Flynn

Elan Book Cover

In Elan, the eighth book in Joyee Flynn’s Beyond the Marius Brothers series, the fae warrior, Elan, finally finds his mates: a young werewolf and a vampire with a unique gift. As one of the oldest members of his coven, Elan’s search for his mates over the centuries has at last come to an end, and he soon discovers that he has found release for the secrets and burdens he has carried alone over the years. The new relationships do not come easily, however, and Elan has to learn to balance his duties as a lover, the Queen’s righthand man, and a mediator to Talcott, his vampire mate, who struggles with controlling his gift. Through the love and support shared between Elan and his mates, the lives of many in the coven are changed forever.

Elan takes readers on an emotional journey, as Elan finally discovers he can divulge his most guarded secrets, opening up to his lovers in ways he’s never allowed himself before. The universal relief he experiences, releasing the burdens he’s carried by himself for centuries, is palpable to almost everyone who has ever felt alone, and the supportive, dominanting role he plays in this ménage a trois is both tender and brutally raw. Elan struggles to balance his world, as it changes before his very eyes and new troubles arise, and the importance behind leaning on a friend becomes a clear theme for the book.

Once again, Joyee Flynn has introduced us to a world of believable, multidimensional characters with Elan. Flynn’s penchant for creating a turbulent, intriguing universe shines through in this addition to the series, as we watch Elan and his mates learn to support one another through their rocky journey toward happiness.

Review by Staff Contributor