Sneak Peek: Elder and the Youngest by Joyee Flynn

Elder and the Youngest Book Cover

What do nineteen-year-old skunk shifter Lachlan McMurray and millennia-old rhino shifter Percival Gros have in common? For one thing, they’re both trying to avoid the wrath of a rogue vampire coven. For another, they’re drawn to each other from the moment they meet. After a quick, heated “discussion” in Lachlan’s cousin’s study, they agree to mate each other in order to ensure Lachlan’s safety, and the future looks bright for the new couple.

But Lachlan soon realizes that all isn’t as it seems with Percival. Word around the mansion is that his new mate has a history of playing sugar daddy to a number of casual boy toys. The servants assume Lachlan to be the latest arm candy, so they treat him with zero respect. To make matters worse, it turns out that rhino shifters can be very demanding partners in the bedroom. Lachlan begins to worry that he’s in over his head with this whole mating thing.

Percival can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong with his new mate. The coven is off their backs, they’ve each found a gorgeous mate, and they’re having a lot of great sex—maybe almost too much, in fact. He and Lachlan haven’t really spent all that much time getting to know each other. But whenever Percival asks his mate what’s troubling him, he’s met with a smile and an assurance that everything is fine. It’s confusing, to put it mildly.

Elder and the Youngest, the latest book in the Unmated at Midnight series, tells the story of how Lachlan and Percival work through their miscommunications on the way to their happily ever after. As they deal with renegade vampires, surly in-laws, and the tricky politics of the shifter world, they both come to realize that they have more in common than they thought.

Review by Staff Contributor