Sneak Peek: Enslaved by a Barbarian by Anitra Lynn McLeod

Enslaved by a Barbarian Book Cover

Intergalactic romance takes to the trees in Enslaved by a Barbarian, the sixth book in Anitra Lynn McLeod’s Sold! series. When Darin Poole, a college-aged math whiz, gets abducted, stolen, and stolen again by a series of alien slave traders, he resigns himself to hoping for a quick death at the hands of a merciful master. It seems as if his grim wish will be granted when he learns that he’s being sold as a faunsha (whatever that is) to the leader of the Shadow Clan, a tribe of large, muscular forest dwellers.

Axoev grows anxious as the next passion fire approaches. As the leader of the clan, he will be expected to take a woman onto his blanket and give her a child. The only way to avoid this would be to find a faunsha in time, but Axoev isn’t feeling optimistic about his chances. When an old debt brings Darin, a potential faunsha—a stunningly beautiful one, as it happens—to his tree house, Axoev treads lightly in an effort to win the affection of his new prize. As much as it hurts him to make the offer, he promises to return Darin to his home planet after the next passion fire. Things get complicated, though, as Darin begins to grasp exactly what the passion fire will entail.

Enslaved by a Warrior adds another richly imagined, entirely unique setting to the array of original planets in the Sold! series while preserving the series’ wit and commitment to strong characterization. Axoev and Darin must contend with spotty translators, jealous clansmen, and lethal lighone pits in order to find their happily ever after, but the journey is packed with moments both deeply felt and deliciously steamy.

Review by Staff Contributor