Sneak Peek: Enslaved by a King by Anitra Lynn McLeod

Enslaved by a King Book Cover

Alien abduction gets a sexy new look in Enslaved by a King, the fifth book of Anitra Lynn McLeod’s Sold! series. In the blink of an eye, Noah Cameron finds himself transported from his shipping job on Earth to the “care” of his new owner, a brutal alien who purchased him at auction. Just when Noah has had enough of his master’s abuse, a purple stranger named Mingor appears and makes Noah an intriguing offer: agree to be Mingor’s lifelong sephir—which translates loosely to “shield”—and Mingor will free Noah and the other slaves. Desperate to escape, Noah accepts.

Mingor neglects to mention a few details about the arrangement, though. For one thing, Mingor is revered as a sort of god-king on his home world of Thand. For another, a closer translation for sephir than “shield” would be…“queen.” And as if that weren’t enough, it also happens that Mingor’s advisors have a nasty habit of setting unapproved sephirs on fire in a ritual designed to test their devotion. It seems Noah and Mingor will have plenty to talk about on their way to Thand, if they could only keep their hands off each other long enough to chat.

Enslaved by a King has it all: two charming, sexy heroes, a deeply felt M/M romance, kinky alien sex scenes, and, as a lovely bonus, the fascinating and beautiful world of Thand. For Noah and Mingor to find happiness together, they must brave the Thandling advisors’ cruel tests and find a way to empower the superstitious peasant class of the planet. Mingor’s understated wisdom is a nice complement to Noah’s brash, emotional temperament, and the two develop a tender affinity as they weather the unexpected trials of life together on Thand. After a rocky start, Noah comes to discover that life as Mingor’s sephir isn’t so bad after all.

Review by Staff Contributor