Sneak Peek: Finding Ned by Sunny Day

Finding Ned Book Cover

Finding Ned, the third installment of the Silver Moon Wolves series, is an engaging tale of redemption, forgiveness, and true love conquering all, even a hero’s misguided stubbornness. Ned, one of Silver Moon’s best Upholders, is overdue for a vacation, but being such a magnet for danger makes it hard for him to find peace anywhere he goes. So it’s certainly no surprise that his relaxing holiday is disrupted when he ends up running into the one person who could cause an endless amount of problems…his mate. Zack, taking off some time of his own, can’t believe his eyes when he sees Ned again. Although they were friends and packmates when they were younger, Zack, embarrassed and tormented by the judgment of his friends for having a male mate, denied his bond with Ned and struck out out on his own, ignoring the terrible heartbreak Ned suffered at this loss. It seems like Zack will get his second chance, but he’s still not sure if he’s brave enough to be the mate Ned deserves and may be on the verge of making another huge mistake by denying Ned a second time.

But fate intervenes, and the two must deal with the trouble that seems to inevitably catch up with Ned when he ends up on the wrong end of a gun loaded with silver bullets, fighting for his life. At least Ned’s managed to get Zack’s attention. Now he just has to figure out a way to convince Zack that fate wasn’t wrong when it paired them together.

Although their relationship is imperfect, the circumstances illuminate the best of both heroes, allowing them to see why they truly belong to each other. With the suspense thickening as they search for the man who’s out to kill Ned, they must find a way to be honest and stop living in the past. Zack’s inner turmoil and Ned’s emotional scars create wonderfully vulnerable characters who grow as they each overcome their inner demons and fight for their happily ever after.

Review by Staff Contributor