Sneak Peek: Heir of the Wolf That Bit You by Stormy Glenn

Heir of the Wolf That Bit You Cover

Matty is having a bad day. The pregnancy test he took came out positive. That’s right. He is going to have a baby. The last thing he ever expected to happen to him as a gay man is growing inside of him. And that’s just the beginning. After confirming his condition at the clinic, he is chased by a group of sinister men in black SUVs and forced into running and hiding for his life. Finally, he discovers that Rico, his baby daddy, is in fact a werewolf.

Stormy Glenn’s Heir of the Wolf That Bit You is an action-packed page-turner with shocking twists and turns in every chapter. Matty was just a normal grocery store worker whereas Rico grew up as a member of the Loup-Garou, a secret werewolf faction in which homosexuality is punishable by death. These two couldn’t be any more different, yet they can’t get over the overwhelming pull of attraction. They’re mates, and they can’t keep their hands off each other. But before they can enjoy eternal werewolf bliss, they must escape the evil bigots of the Loup-Garou Senate who want them, and their unborn child, executed. Full of witty humor, thrilling suspense, and steamy interludes, Stormy Glenn has an exciting new tale to share.

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  1. Sounds very cool, I’m putting this one on my TBR pile :)