Sneak Peek: His Dominant Omega by AJ Jarrett

His Dominant Omega Book Cover

Cole Weathers’s life is in a state of upheaval. As the omega of his pack, he’s expected to be submissive, follow orders, and exert a calming influence upon his fellow pack members. But Cole doesn’t want to do any of those things—he wants to finish his degree in psychology and live his own life. When Cole’s father, an old-school wolf with a hatred for the human world, pressures Cole to drop out of school, he figures that this would be as good a time as any to set out on his own.

His Dominant Omega is the third book in AJ Jarrett’s Nehalem Pack series, which follows the handsome members of a wolf pack in Silver Creek, New York. In previous installments, Josef Bayer’s best friend and most of his roommates found their mates, and as a result, Josef is now surrounded by sickeningly happy couples, whose newfound love does nothing to distract Josef from his own loneliness. When a handsome young man shows up to apply for a job at Josef’s construction company, Josef is more perplexed than ever. There’s something about Cole that Josef finds irresistible, but Cole doesn’t have the tell-tale scent of a fated mate. Could destiny be playing yet more cruel jokes on Josef?

As an omega, Cole has the ability to hide his scent from other wolves. He knows that Josef is his mate, but he naively believes that he can put off destiny and wait till he has his life in order before he claims his mate. Cole may not be a submissive, but he soon discovers that he’s not totally in control, either. Not only can he not resist the desire to claim Josef, he finds that he needs the support and acceptance that Josef, and Josef’s pack, so freely offer, especially when his own father is in danger.

His Dominant Omega is an exciting tale with plenty of sexual tension, drama, some awesome fight scenes, and more than a few funny moments to keep readers entertained. Cole and Josef are dynamic heroes who are all the more interesting because they don’t fit neatly into specific categories. And though their relationship may have been pre-ordained by fate, that doesn’t mean that they, or their romance, are predictable.

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