Sneak Peek: Jacob’s Conflicted Heart by Sydney Lain

Jacob's Conflicted Heart Book Cover

The world as humankind knows it is hanging by a thread in newcomer Sydney Lain’s latest paranormal offering, Jacob’s Conflicted Heart, which follows the relationship between Jacob, a human raised by vampires, and Griffin, his lion shifter mate. The second installment in the Supernatural Society Mates series, the book takes place in a world where for centuries humans have been oblivious to the existence of supernatural beings. Recently, though, humans with special abilities have been cropping up, humans who can recognize the supernaturals hidden all around them…

Twenty-four-year-old Jacob is all grown up. Now, if only he could get Prince Zed to see him that way. The handsome vampire saved Jacob and his younger brother from a fire when they were kids, and while Jacob’s feelings for his benefactor have taken an amorous turn, he’s hesitant to tell the prince how he feels. In the hopes of proving his worth to the prince, he requests to be part of Zed’s investigation into the trade of an illegal drug that has devastating effects for supernaturals. Little does he know that the investigation will lead him straight into the arms of his mate, causing him to question where his heart lies.

Griffin is a lion shifter without a pride to call home. Narrowly escaping an attempt on his life by his father after coming out as gay, he flees the pride and builds a new life as the head of building security for a pair of demon businessmen. Although he is happy with his new life, he can’t shake the feeling that his life would be less lonely with a mate. When he first sees Jacob in the dimly lit nightclub they are investigating, he knows without a doubt he has found the man he has been searching for. But can he convince the conflicted Jacob they are destined to be together?

In Jacob’s Conflicted Heart, Lain crafts a tender story about unexpected love while touching on the pain and alienation that can arise from not being accepted for who you are. Leaving just the right amount of questions unanswered to have readers eager for the next supernatural pairing, Lain shows our heroes finding lasting love in a world that is anything but certain.

Review by Staff Contributor