Sneak Peek: Jaded by Gabrielle Evans

Jaded Book Cover

Gabrielle Evans’s The Moonlight Breed series has shown readers how hatred and fear can influence men to commit terrible acts against innocent people, and its heroes have battled continuously for justice. Jaded, the ninth book in the series, turns its focus to internal battles and takes readers beyond the familiar walls of Haven to explore the psychology of pain, denial, self-preservation, and acceptance.

Spiro Araceli was first introduced in Leap in the Dark, and the experienced psychologist was able to help Xander realize the potential he never lost. In Jaded, he’s forced to utilize his skills to heal not only himself, but his mate, Zuriel, whose flirtatious behavior tests the doctor’s seemingly endless supply of patience. The men must learn that emotional armor can sometimes harm its wearer more than it protects. Just as Spiro begins to convince Zuriel of his worth, their blossoming romance is turned upside down when Spiro receives some surprising news and must reveal shocking details of his life to Zuriel. It seems that the atrocities the two have witnessed may be more far-reaching than they had once thought.

Jaded pushes its heroes to the limits, forcing them to look deep inside themselves and question the only way they’ve ever known how to live. But through it all, the spark of hope is never lost, kept alive by the power of friendship and trust, and readers are promised a poignant, heartwarming tale of emotional growth and unshakable love.

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  1. jacqueline /

    I love this series and I’m looking forward to reading Jaded :)