Sneak Peek: James’s Risk by Marcy Jacks

James's Risk Book Cover

James Flynn finds himself in a difficult position. He must choose between loyalty to his village—the men and women who took him in and protected him when he had nowhere else to go—and his growing feelings for a potential enemy.

James’s Risk is the fifth book in Marcy Jacks’s Vampire District series, which takes place against the backdrop of a war-ravaged world, where interspecies conflict makes daily existence a dangerous endeavor for those lucky individuals who have evaded the clutches of vampire slavers and their human mercenaries. During a raid on a vampire lake house, James captured a fire mage who he thought might have information about the kidnapping of his friend Vaughn. Now, a week has passed and it’s increasingly apparent that the fire mage is no more than a terrified young man who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Though the other villagers have been remarkably tolerant thus far, James can’t expect them to just let Quinn go free and potentially compromise their safety. But James isn’t about to let any harm come to Quinn, either. There’s something about the mage’s dark eyes and total guilelessness that wrenches at James’s heart. He knows that his best hope for ensuring Quinn’s safety is to flee with the handsome mage, but can he give up his home and family for a man who may feel nothing more for him than gratitude? Would he be able to live with the consequences if he didn’t?

In James’s Risk Marcy Jacks proves once again that she is a capable writer who is skilled at crafting exciting, touching, and often humorous stories about the paranormal world. But the true testament to her skill is her ability to use these stories to prompt deeper questions about human kindness, acceptance, and love. Over the course of the Vampire District series, the inhabitants of West Village have proven themselves to be models of tolerance, overcoming very reasonable fears to accept potentially dangerous vampires and werewolves into their midst. But, in James’s Risk, that tolerance is put to the test as not only the villagers, but James and Quinn as well, must navigate the sometimes tricky line between being accepting and being naively trusting. Readers looking to satisfy their yen for some steamy romance, and have some thoughts provoked along the way, should look no further than James’s Risk.

Review by Staff Contributor