Sneak Peek: Lone Wolf Ranger by Anitra Lynn McLeod

Lone Wolf Ranger Book Cover

Can a love be so powerful that it echoes across multiple lifetimes? Can our mistakes in past lives return to haunt us? What do you do when you meet the man of your dreams and realize you’ve known him for centuries? Anitra Lynn McLeod’s Lone Wolf Ranger is a touching, well-crafted exploration of these questions that delivers satisfying answers.

William Jain is a gay park ranger in Utah who enjoys his privacy. He’s never known true acceptance from his Mormon friends and family, but the locals seem to tolerate him as long as he keeps to his cabin in the woods. His peaceful, ordered world is upended one night when, while investigating a disturbance in the park, William finds a gorgeous, nude Native American man performing a bizarre ritual. Before William can get any answers, he is shocked to see the man shift into a massive raven and fly away.

Raven Feather has had to deal with racial prejudice his entire life, but that hasn’t prevented him from building a sprawling construction empire. His successful business would be jeopardized, however, if anyone ever discovered he was gay. But when an irresistibly attractive park ranger tracks Raven down and accuses him of some bizarre and uncharacteristic behavior, Raven can’t help but be drawn to the man. Slowly but surely, Raven comes to realize that his new lover might be telling the truth, and, strangely, he seems to remember having known this man before…

As the two heroes cope with the supernatural circumstances of their meeting and its ramifications for their personal lives, the passion between them builds. Their struggles are depicted in an honest and tender fashion, and they both must search their souls before they can acknowledge the love they feel. Lone Wolf Ranger is the story of a romance that spans lifetimes and of the decisive commitment that unites its fated lovers once and for all.

Review by Staff Contributor