Sneak Peek: Love Bytes by Gale Stanley

Love Bytes Book Cover

After his boyfriend of six months dumps him via text message, Ben Kempler worries that he is not exciting enough to keep a man. After all, he’s a homebody with a nine-to-five IT job and an underdeveloped playful side. Deciding to break out of his shell, Ben turns his life upside down when he moves to London. Arriving late at his hostel, his room has been given away, and he has to bunk with the owner, sexy Welshman Rhys Wynn. Sparks fly between them, but Ben doesn’t want to get his heart broken again, and so he struggles to keep his distance. There is no way Rhys, the most devastatingly handsome man he has ever met, could really be interested in someone like him.

What Ben doesn’t know is that the hostel owner is really a centuries-old vampire with issues of his own. Saved from a ship sinking in the middle of the Atlantic by a vampiric captain, he was given eternal life, but his immortality became a curse when his human lover, Seth, died. Struggling with grief and bloodlust, Rhys is not sure he wants to go on living. That is, until Ben, who bears a striking resemblance to Seth, shows up on his doorstep.

Gale Stanley’s Love Bytes reinterprets the vampire mythos in unique and intriguing ways, creating a vampirism that is both familiar and fresh. Within this greater supernatural context, the characters are imminently relatable, especially Ben. It is heartwarming to watch as he learns to be himself in the face of rejection and self-doubt and accept the love of a good man, even if that man happens to be a vampire.

Review by Staff Contributor