Sneak Peek: Lover’s Obsession by Scarlet Hyacinth

Lover's Obsession Book Cover

Lover’s Obsession, the second book in Scarlet Hyacinth’s Bloodkin series, follows the tumultuous romance of Kier Darksun and Cole Bloodmoor in the chaotic aftermath of Bed and Breakfast.

Kier is a dark elf exiled from his homeland of Manturanael for the love he bears his light elf friend, Eli Starburst. When the leader of the elves banishes the heartbroken Kier to a life of spying on the bloodkin city-state Tachaka, Kier is sure that he’s living on borrowed time. He is shocked to the core when he inadvertently stumbles into the dark, mysterious bloodkin Cole on a stealth mission into the Tachakan palace, but when the operation goes horribly wrong and he finds himself in the middle of a deadly double cross, Kier wonders if he can truly trust this bloodkin with his life—and his love.

Cole finds himself curiously entranced by the beautiful elf, and in a life-altering moment, he risks it all to rescue Kier from certain death. But everyone knows bloodkin are by nature coldhearted, and Cole has no doubt that, in time, his explosive lust for Kier will fade. When sparks between them fly and an obsession is born, however, Cole finds himself wondering if bloodkin really are capable of love.

While political unrest continues to surge under the reign of the vengeful Aran Bloodclaw, the lovers struggle with betrayal and heartache that separates them for fifty years. After their reunion, with Aran on the warpath and jealousies running high, they must learn to forgive each other—and themselves—for their past sins if they want to survive. Intensely touching as it follows the heroes’ trials, Hyacinth’s story delves into the obstacles lovers face when lust isn’t enough, and Kier and Cole’s perseverance will surely keep readers on the edge of their seats as it builds up to a breathtaking catharsis that delivers on the sizzle.

Review by Staff Contributor