Sneak Peek: Mating Moon by Lexi DeHalo

Mating Moon Book Cover

Mating Moon, the first book in Lexi DeHalo’s Be-Were series, sends readers to a fascinating world where shifters and other paranormals are subjugated and cruel human Hunters rule with an iron fist. The shifters are only protected by the strength of their packs.

Night is a prince among Hunters but has always struggled with his own sense of the injustice his people are committing. He has left the family home, but he doesn’t have the strength and determination to rebel against the Hunters. That is, until he meets Akira, a Were-Panther with a tragic backstory. Akira is hesitant at first to date a Hunter, since his brother was brutally murdered by one and his pack disapproves, but he is drawn to Night anyway. Their burgeoning relationship is complicated by the approach of Akira’s three-hundredth moon, when he will mate with the victor of a fight for dominance. At the same time, Hunters come after Akira’s pack, forcing Night to choose between all that he has ever known and the man he has grown to care deeply for.

At its heart, this is a sweet romance that shines even brighter in the darkness of the setting. The unique world and paranormal elements are put to good use in the story. Akira’s pack brings a powerful sense of family to the novel while Night’s Hunter family gives it a hint of menace. As the heroes confront Akira’s mating moon and the Hunters, they grow and change, overcoming prejudice and discovering who they truly are.

Review by Staff Contributor