Sneak Peek: My Guardian Angelo by Stormy Glenn

My Guardian Angelo Book Cover

My Guardian Angelo is the third book in Stormy Glenn’s Special Operations series, which follows the ruggedly good-looking Harrison brothers. In the first two installments, John Henry’s Beautiful Charlie and Tattooed and Taken, brothers John Henry and Robby found their happily ever afters, and now it’s Lieutenant William Patrick Harrison’s turn to find love. And it seems he just might find it in the last place he would expect—while on an undercover assignment infiltrating a Central America drug cartel. When DEA agent Angelo Martinez  arrives on the scene, Bill isn’t sure what he finds more alarming, the news that his cover has been blown or his sudden attraction to the feisty agent sent to rescue him. The only thing that’s certain is that they need to get out of there and fast. Miguel Fernandez, the drug lord Bill has been investigating, has gotten wind of their ruse, and he’s not a threat to be trifled with.

Smart, confident DEA agent Angelo knows that people underestimate him because of his looks and sexual orientation, but he takes his job seriously and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get Bill out of the mess he’s in, even if it means pretending to be Bill’s lover. At first, their romantic chemistry is just part of an act—a really convincing act—intended to distract their enemies. As Bill and Angelo work together to escape from Miguel and then to rescue Bill’s kidnapped commander, however, it becomes apparent that there’s more to their dynamic than just hot sex and a need to survive. Angelo feels something for Bill that’s he’s never felt for any other man, and it’s clear that the feeling is mutual. But Angelo worries that a love fueled by high stakes and adrenaline cannot survive once the mission is over. It will be up to Bill to convince him otherwise.

In My Guardian Angelo, Glenn weaves a story with no shortage of action and suspense. The tale of a romance both shadowed and enhanced by the specter of drug violence is a compelling one. But more compelling is the way Glenn portrays two men who are secure both in their professional competence and in their sexual identity, and who ultimately realize that the only risk they’re not willing to take is letting love slip through their fingers.

Review by Staff Contributor