Sneak Peek: Necessary Passion by Jana Downs

Necessary Passion Book Cover

In this thrilling new installment of Jana Downs’s Alchemy Mates series, Necessary Passion explores the volatile relationship of two heroes hell-bent on refuting their undeniable attraction to one another. Even if they could accept the fate of their romance, one seemingly insurmountable obstacle would still remain. One is a vampire, the other a vampire hunter.

At the age of ten, Aidan, born to the famed vampire-hunter family MacGregor, was saved at the hands of the nobleman and vampire, Sky. Now, after eighteen years and another service bequeathed by Sky, Aidan has begrudgingly traveled all the way to Sky’s home in historic Prussia to return the favor.

After being thrust into the same quarters, the two men’s opposing views on almost everything drives a rift between them that neither man believes to be reparable. When Sky is threatened by a long-time rival, however, Aidan manages to swallow his pride to aid the man he knows means more to him than Aidan would ever admit.

Despite their unified resistance, however, Aidan and Sky have much to learn about one another to have a chance at victory, and just as the odds look to be in their favor, an enigmatic threat presents itself which could jeopardize everything the two men have worked for.

While this captivating read is marked by unexpected plot twists and exciting action, the unadulterated passion between these two men really drives the book. With this new installment, Jana Downs creates a portrait of such raw, honest, and sultry romance of forbidden love that the reader will be hard-pressed to put it down.

Review by Staff Contributor