Sneak Peek: Ollie’s Haven by Stormy Glenn

Ollie's Haven by Stormy Glenn

Ollie Fremont has led a difficult life thus far, and it doesn’t look like things are about to get easier anytime soon. Ollie is the younger son of a Loup-Garou Senator, one of the members of the odious and bigoted shifter governing council. Ashamed to have fathered a gay son and, even worse, an omega, Senator Fremont forced Ollie to stay hidden for most of his life. Ollie finally escaped his father’s clutches only to end up on the Loup-Garou’s kill list, and he’s now on the run with a group of other gay men guilty of no crime except existing. To make matters more complicated, Ollie has found his mate—a man originally sent to kill him—and now finds himself pregnant with the child of a man he isn’t sure he can even trust.

Ollie’s Haven is the second installment in Stormy Glenn’s exciting new Wolf Haven series. In Heir of the Wolf that Bit You, Ollie met his destined mate, Senate Sentry Griffin Gates. Griffin never wanted to be a Sentry, and he’s been biding his time until he could escape to a secret hideaway in the Canadian Rockies. But when he realizes that one of the men he is supposed to arrest is his mate, he turns his back on the Senate right there and then, intent to protect his mate at any cost, and hopefully earn Ollie’s trust in the process.

Readers familiar with Stormy Glenn’s work know that she excels at crafting action-packed stories with heart-warming romances, many of which focus on a close-knit group of friends. The contrasting personalities of Ollie, Griffin, and their friends make for plenty of hilarious moments. And their support and acceptance of each other, and ability to band together despite their fears, exemplify the type of community that makes it possible to stand up for love in the face of discrimination. As Ollie’s Haven demonstrates, prejudice is a powerfully destructive force, one that is hard to face alone, even for bad-ass shifters with amazing abilities. But by trusting in each other and cooperating with their friends, Ollie and Griffin prove that love and kindness can triumph over hate.

Review by Staff Contributor