Sneak Peek: Peter and the Wolf by J. Rose Allister

Peter and the Wolf Book Cover

The corporate world is notoriously dog-eat-dog, but for a werewolf like Jarred Wellington, dogs are nothing. It’s in the contrasting natures of the corporate world, where Jarred spends his days, and the natural world, where he spends his nights, that J. Rose Allister’s Peter and the Wolf really shines. Being a werewolf comes with all sorts of primal, animalistic urges, but being next in line for the position of CEO of Wellington Enterprises requires the utmost self-control, the kind that Jarred possessed before Peter stepped foot into the conference room during his interview for an open position. The moment Jarred sets eyes on Peter he knows one terrible truth: Peter is his mate. Finding his destined mate seems like it should be a joyous occasion, except his mate also happens to be a harbinger of death for Jarred’s father, Drew. Jarred’s reluctance to accept what Fate has dealt him ratchets up the high-stakes tension and creates some sizzling sexual tension between him and his newfound mate.

But Fate isn’t so easily avoided, and once Jarred and Peter shake hands, there’s no going back. Peter is then forced to accept what he is and has been since his run-in with a werewolf when he was just a kid, although easier said than done once that werewolf from his past returns to claim what it once made.

As Peter struggles with his transformation from below-average man to above-average alpha werewolf, Jarred struggles with how to balance accepting Fate’s gift of his mate while fighting the possibility of his father’s imminent death. With the full moon just days away, Jarred and Peter must put aside all their doubts and misgivings to learn how to navigate the obstacles that block them from reaching their happily ever after. It’s not always pretty for Peter and Jarred, and it’s never easy, but Peter and the Wolf makes a strong argument that the best things in life are those that are neither pretty nor easy, whether in the corporate world or the wilderness.

Review by Staff Contributor