Sneak Peek: Prince of Submission by Jana Downs

Prince of Submission Book Cover

Stifled by the strict rules of the Seelie court and defined by his position as its prince, Corrin longs to explore the dark desires he sees in his dreams. These desires involve another man and forbidden passion, and Corrin knows that he would be exiled from the Seelie court should he ever indulge in them. But after graduating college, his human friends take him to New Orleans as a way of saying good-bye to the outside world before assuming his princely role at court, and the trip turns into something Corrin never could have expected. His friends convince him to taste the BDSM lifestyle he’s lusted for at the infamous club, Purgatory, and he finds all his dreams, and fears, realized.

When Adrian spots the beautiful submissive man on the dance floor at Purgatory, he simply can’t resist taking him in hand. While he manages to convince Corrin to spend one night with him, exploring the lifestyle and Corrin’s attraction to men, things get even more complicated when Corrin learns that Adrian is Unseelie, a man exiled from the Seelie court for indulging in his baser desires. But even though Corrin knows what they share can only happen for one night, he finds that Adrian has gotten under his skin and he wants nothing more than to stay in the Unseelie’s bed forever.

But Corrin is too afraid of their connection, and he’s even more afraid of being banished should anyone ever find out about his activities in New Orleans. So Corrin quickly returns home to the Seelie court, determined to forget all the things he felt with Adrian. But Adrian keeps haunting him, and negotiations between the Seelie and Unseelie courts bring Corrin and his lover together once again. However, before they can truly be together, their explosive passion must conquer the prejudice and hatred of Corrin’s family and friends, and Corrin may be torn apart by the choices he must make.

Corrin’s struggles are poignantly portrayed throughout the novel, and the incredible strength of his character will draw readers in and keep them rooting for his and Adrian’s love to overcome the ever-increasing obstacles placed in its path. While sparks fly between the vibrant and spirited heroes, the danger of their relationship being discovered by Corrin’s family grows. With suspense and passion slowly building to a boiling point, the heroes must face their worst fears to get their happy ending.

Review by Staff Contributor