Sneak Peek: Protective Custody by Stormy Glenn

Protective Custody Book Cover

When FBI analyst Christopher Jackson is called into his director’s office for a briefing on his new assignment, he is told he has been recruited because of his unique set of skills. Assuming that this refers to his analytical talents, Jackson is thrown for a loop when he is told he has been recruited because he is gay. His assignment is to protect Hayden Flynn, an important witness in an ongoing arms smuggling investigation. Hayden has already survived multiple attempts on his life and is expecting another at any time. The plan is to move Hayden to a discreet location where Jackson will pose as his live-in gay lover while protecting him until the investigation is closed. There’s no doubt that Jackson is the man for the job, but there’s just one problem—Hayden isn’t gay, and when Jackson meets him, he realizes Hayden is just his type. Intense pressure mounts from all sides as Jackson tries to protect Hayden’s life while dealing with his fiery and undeniable lust for a very sexy and very straight man, and Hayden attempts to remain calm and survive the threat on his life while dealing with the new, confusing, and very real feelings he has for what was supposed to be his pretend gay lover.

Stormy Glenn weaves the intriguing tale of these two conflicted men with vividly clear prose. The tension is palpable right from the off and continues to ratchet up right through the novel’s thrilling climax and satisfying conclusion. A page turner from start to finish, Protective Custody will have readers agonizing with Jackson’s constantly mounting sexual frustration and sympathizing with Hayden in his journey of self-discovery and acceptance as he tries to make the most of an unfavorable situation. But, just like Jackson and Hayden, readers may find that being held in Protective Custody might not be so unfavorable after all.

Review by Site Contributor