Sneak Peek: Relay for Life by Jana Downs

Relay for Life Book Cover

In a time when zombies are the biggest threat to mankind, running has aptly become the spectator sport of choice, and Andrew Ainsley is one of the best competitors around. But when a routine trail race becomes a worst-case scenario, Andrew is forced to run for his life with zombies hot on his heels. Lucky for him, two sexy men, Matthew and Marcel, volunteered for the mission to extract Andrew from zombie-infested terrain, and over the course of the rescue, the three men explore their passion for each other despite the constant threat of death that they face. But even if they do escape the Necro King and his hoard of zombies, life back in the safe zones may be the biggest threat of all to their blossoming relationship.

In Relay for life Jana Downs builds upon the wonderfully vivid post-apocalyptic world first introduced in Working Stiffs and tackles love from every angle. Among the many well-crafted elements of this story is Matthew’s, Andrew’s, and Marcel’s awareness that the terror from being chased through the woods by a hoard of zombies is nothing compared to their fear of losing the men they love when their no-holds-barred passion from the wilderness must adapt to everyday life. But as the men try to overcome their individual fears and insecurities so that their relationship stands a chance, they begin to realize that perhaps their relationship is just the thing they need to stand a chance against their personal demons.  It’s the subtleties like this that define Relay for Life as a rich and memorable story.

Review by Staff Contributor