Sneak Peek: Renner Morgan by Anitra Lynn McLeod

Renner Morgan Book Cover

In the sixth book of Anitra Lynn McLeod’s Seven Brothers for McBride series, Renner Morgan continues to follow the downfall of human civilization after blood madness rocks the lives of Sheriff Dillon McBride and the Morgan brothers. Even if they can stem the uprising and save the farm, McBride and his men must face the heartbreaking and increasingly likely possibility that they are—and will always be—truly alone in a decimated world.

Renner Morgan has always been content working as a slammer on McBride’s farm with his brothers. All he really wants out of life is someone to love, and he’s always had faith in McBride’s promise to find him a mate. But with the world quickly descending into chaos, Renner figures that getting his own thrall is unlikely, and when McBride leads the Morgans to rescue ex-crimetech Quintus Hill from rebel slammers, Renner is sure McBride will keep the man for himself. Torn between his attraction to Quintus and a deep loyalty to McBride, Renner’s compassion wins out. He vows to heal Quintus, nothing more. Quintus, surely the last surviving gentryman from the outside world, finds himself lusting after the mysterious slammer whose size belies his tenderness, but he can’t stomach crossing McBride, the very man who saved his life. But when Renner and Quintus make a life-altering choice, they must face the implications of betraying the sheriff and accept the consequences of their forbidden love.

Meanwhile, McBride sinks further into his ever-intensifying obsession with Caleb, the eldest Morgan brother, all while struggling to make sense of the uprising. After a final desperate bid for law and order, he finds himself face-to-face with the devastating truth that his actions may have ensured that the man he loves—and for whom he continues to sacrifice his very sanity—might want nothing to do with him.

Renner Morgan delivers a quick-paced buildup toward the resolution of the series with unexpected revelations and raw, intense passion that knows no limits. Caleb and McBride’s volatile romance sizzles hotter than ever, and Quintus and Renner’s love defies all boundaries even as blood, sex, and revenge threaten to tear the world around them apart in a story that promises readers heroes who share a love so uplifting it outshines the end of their world.

Review by Staff Contributor