Sneak Peek: Mint Ice Cream and a Vampire’s Bite by Scarlet Hyacinth

Mint Ice Cream and a Vampire's Bite Cover

Mint Ice Cream and a Vampire’s Bite, the third book in Scarlet Hyacinth’s The Taste of Love series, is a lighthearted romance that embraces the visceral, undeniable bond between soul mates who find their worlds turned upside down by betrayal and doubt. As a testament to the healing nature of love, Hyacinth’s comedy delves into the difficult issues that lovers face when they must overcome past prejudices and rely on their faith in one another to prevail over a world hell-bent on breaking them apart.

For Orion Walker, a Los Angeles vampire coven master with a serious sweet tooth, the innocent indulgence of mint ice cream outshines the burden of being in love every time. But when he discovers that Grier Adams, a local werewolf shifter, is his mate, he finds himself craving more than a frosty treat, and he’s not terribly familiar with the word no. Grier, however, has been tortured at the hands of a rogue vampire leader, and ever since his escape, he has been wracked with nightmares and plagued with a distrust of all bloodsuckers. As Grier struggles to unravel the difficult truth behind his capture and come to terms with his past, Orion must learn the true meaning of patience as he works to gain Grier’s trust—and his love.

As Orion’s and Grier’s lives quickly reveal that honesty and certainty are hard to come by in most people, their relationship proves its magnificence in how it speaks to the grounding force of trust when lovers are faced with the unknown. The lovers know that their devotion ups the stakes for the paranormal community, and they may be vying with an impenetrable conspiracy. Nevertheless, their determined acceptance of one another offers readers a charming glimpse into the steadfast devotion that provides a guiding light in the face of even the darkest adversity.

Review by Staff Contributor