Sneak Peek: Sampson by Joyee Flynn

Sampson Book Cover

The werewolves continue their tropical interlude in Sampson, the next episode in Joyee Flynn’s Resistant Omegas saga. The book focuses on—you guessed it—Sampson, a ray of sunshine of an Omega who, despite his tragic and shocking past, has high hopes for the future and won’t settle for less.

Even after having lived a nightmare for years, Sampson doesn’t want pity. He wants people to respect him and treat him like a grown man. He wants men who genuinely care about and love him for who he is. And as luck would have it, the island of Lilleulv, far from the High Council’s influence and outdated laws, affords him just this opportunity.

Still, though, Sampson’s past has done its damage. After being locked away in a closet for years by his tyrannical ex-Alpha, he knows no other way of life. He doesn’t like attention, especially when it comes in the form of mournful, pitying glances from the other wolves. He chooses instead to focus on others, always providing the shoulder to cry on, though never trusting anyone enough to open up. Even with Sampson’s baggage, he exudes positivity and wants the best for all. His optimism and self-respect set him apart and make him greatly admirable.

When Slate, Gareth, and Calver begin to take notice of the sweet, smart little Omega, Sampson isn’t sure how to handle things. He believes that he deserves love and happiness, but isn’t sure of the sexy wolves’ intentions. Then, Slate’s oafish behavior lands him in the doghouse, but perhaps this normally kind, even-keeled man is just misunderstood. Will he work his way out of trouble by proving his true feelings? Gareth’s super-hot take-charge personality is just what Calver and Sampson crave, but will he allow Sampson to make his own decisions, too?

In Sampson, Ms. Flynn explores the complexities of characters faced with actual personal choices for the very first time, all the while providing tender moments and extra-hot island love scenes. Experiencing the heroes’ exploration of each other and themselves is a true joy, and the prospects for the Omegas on Lilleulv look exciting. In Sampson’s own words, “Here we can just be free.” This is uncharted territory for the wolves—both literally and figuratively—and it’s just the beginning of another exhilarating adventure.

Review by Staff Contributor