Sneak Peek Series: Resistant Omegas by Joyee Flynn

Romance Omega Style Book Cover

AVAILABLE: February 2013

The best things often come in small packages, but in the world of Joyee Flynn’s Resistant Omegas, this spells disaster for the packages themselves. Rare Omega werewolves may be tiny, but they are extremely powerful. Their capacity for tapping into energy and translating it into supernatural powers makes them special, but their ability to pass excess energy on to others through sex makes them the target of malicious megalomaniacs. As a result, Omegas are sold to those willing to pay handsomely, dooming them to lives of slavery and abuse at the hands of those whose very job it is to protect others—Alphas and Betas, also known as inner circles.

For hundreds of years, the fate of these Omegas seems sealed, as the werewolves’ government, the High Council, turns a blind eye to the horrific treatment they receive. The suffering they endure is shocking and absolutely heart wrenching. But a little bit of luck—and a lot of love—alters their destiny forever. Tristan Modeto and Carson Evans become the glimmer of hope for all Omegas as they receive the good fortune of noble, caring inner circles who show them love and respect. Upon discovering that the Omega problem is widespread, Tristan and Carson establish the Omega Network, dedicated to rescuing Omegas from their abusers and placing them with honorable men.

Through the Omega Network, the cast of characters expands to a wide variety of lovable Omegas with heartbreaking pasts, loyal Betas devoted to protecting others, and strong Alphas who always lead their packs and inner circles to safety. The inner circles bring these emotionally and physically damaged Omegas back from the brink through nothing other than true love and devotion, providing for intensely emotional scenes. Ms. Flynn isn’t afraid to show the difficult side of love that comes along with the good. These scenes often provide for the deep emotional connection the characters—and the readers—find. Still, though, the books are infused with the author’s signature instinct for humor, lightheartedness, and red-hot passion.

It is incredible what these Omegas have endured, and their ability to choose to continue life and seek out happiness and love is truly touching. Their ongoing struggle for freedom, fairness, and affection is gripping and, ultimately, so satisfying. At its heart, each book is a heartwarming love story that will leave readers cheering for the justice, redemption, and happiness of the Omegas.

Review by Staff Contributor