Sneak Peek Series: Rise of the Changelings by Lynn Hagen

Rise to Love Book Cover

AVAILABLE: January – April 2013 

Three years ago, a proud werelion changeling revealed to the world his ability to shape-shift between human and animal forms, introducing a shocked and frightened human population to the paranormal world. When the government secretly authorizes a plan to identify, capture, and kill all changelings, it will take the unwavering bravery of Enrique Marcelo and his group of Rebellion fighters to save their species.

In Rise of the Changelings, the newest series from Lynn Hagen, the romances between the Rebellion fighters provide solace and sweet reprieve against the chaotic war they are fighting in. Introduced in the first book, the main heroes of the series, Rick and Dorian, are as sweet as they are strong, and the structure of the Siren Epic Romance imprint allows the reader to see their romance and sizzling chemistry deepen over the course of seven books. A fierce beta hero, Dorian learns to shoot and fight right alongside Rick, proving his devotion and courage time and again. Motivated by love of Dorian and the need to keep him safe, Rick shows incredible leadership throughout the series as the changelings rally behind him to fight against those who choose fear and hatred over love and acceptance.

The world of the series shows a huge range of changelings, from hyenas and jaguars to rats and rabbits, and memorable new personalities emerge as each new breed is introduced and new members join the Rebellions. Miguel and Benito, cousins and enforcers of Rick’s werewolf pack, provide great comic dialogue, especially when Benito meets his mate, a very unintimidating wererabbit named Beastman. Meanwhile, Sasha, the intriguing wereleopard alpha, is pure animal seduction as he woos his mates, Nate and Selene, creating serious passion and sparks even in the face of Selene’s fiery resistance.

In addition to the government mercenaries that hunt the changelings, the Rebellions also encounter trouble in the form of Kraven, the leader of the vampires, who makes a deal with the military to help them hunt changelings in exchange for his coven’s safety. Kraven’s craftiness and brilliant villainy makes him a worthy opponent for Rick and the Rebellions, and he is aided by the fascinating paranormal abilities that the vampires possess, including his own personal group of boogey men, the Mãos da Morte, and the ability to bring harm to their enemies through dreams.

With so much to contend with, the Rebellions are certainly facing an epic battle for their lives and freedom, but as Rick and Dorian learn, with the love of a good mate, anything is possible.


Review by Staff Contributor