Sneak Peek: Slave to His Love by Marcy Jacks

Slave to His Love Book Cover

In Slave to His Love, the latest book in The Vampire District series, Marcy Jacks tells the tale of two star-crossed lovers who must overcome their differences and learn to trust one another.

Tristan Fenrir, the second son of a wealthy vampire lord, has been sneaking around with his lowly werewolf guard, Marrok. Even though their difference in status means they can never be together openly, Tristan finds himself falling for the werewolf. However, their burgeoning love is thrown off course when Marrok’s trusted alpha betrays the couple, resulting in a nearly fatal punishment for Marrok and a failed werewolf uprising that leaves Tristan’s father and older brother dead.

As Marrok slowly recovers from his physical wounds, Tristan assumes his new role as head of the Fenrir household while nursing his own emotional scars. Believing that Marrok seduced him as a plot to incite the revolt, Tristan struggles with his continuing feelings for someone who he can no longer trust. Marrok, swamped with guilt for what his people have done to the family despite his own innocence, submits to the coldness and hatred of his vampire master. When a new threat to the Fenrir family appears, however, everything begins to change, and Tristan must overcome his pain and find it in his battered heart to trust Marrok again.

Marcy Jacks’s lively prose brings these characters and their struggles to life, creating a story that is both dramatic and charming. The tension between the ex-lovers sizzles as they navigate their way back to the love and trust of their former relationship, and perhaps to something even better.

Review by Staff Contributor