Sneak Peek: Sweet Delight by Lynn Hagen

Sweet Delight Book Cover

The wait is finally over. Brac Village is open for business!

In the series opener, Sweet Delight, Ms. Hagen introduces some fresh blood—no pun intended, vampires!—to the beloved community of paranormals. This new group of exotic shifters brings with it serious attitude, and just the right kind.

Kenway Longfeather, the massive, proud buffalo shifter with a heart of gold, has a soft spot for a certain sexy, raven-haired vampire. He met his mate, Ross Green, a while back, but they have been kept apart for some time by forces beyond their control. After the mates are finally reunited, their relationship sizzles and sparks as they get to know each other, both in and out of the bedroom. The pair lives up to the title, and their sensual dynamic will surely melt hearts.

As they begin their new lives together, the sweetness continues as Kenway and Ross plan to open a bakery in Brac Village. With Maverick’s initiative to revitalize the town, he offers help to get their business off the ground. However, even the alpha wolf can’t predict what happens next. There are strange happenings afoot which could threaten the very existence of the paranormals—and they’re coming after Ross first.

In this spin-off series, the familiar, cherished characters from the Brac Pack series work with the new shifters to form a new sense of home, to build an even better Brac Village. After all, home is where the heart is, and as long as there’s love amidst the danger, these men aren’t going anywhere.

Review by Staff Contributor