Sneak Peek: Symbiotic Mates 1: Hunter and the Hawk by Gale Stanley

Symbiotic Mates 1: Hunter and the Hawk Book Cover

Lycans and vampire-hawks are mortal enemies. Both groups live on the fringes of human society, relatively isolated in their closed communities. Though a tenuous peace treaty keeps them from all-out war, relations between the two groups are tense, to say the least. But, as both species face dwindling numbers and issues with infertility, they find they may at last have something in common—looming extinction. When a vampire scientist discovers that cooperation between the two species may hold the key to both groups’ survival, convincing the long-standing enemies to get along may be easier said than done.

Symbiotic Mates 1: Hunter and the Hawk is the first book in Gale Stanley’s fantastic new Symbiotic Mates series. This series puts an intriguing spin on the traditional werewolf/vampire animosity by positing that werewolves and vampire-hawks (if you think vampire bats are cool, just wait till you read about vampire-hawks) were once inextricably linked together in a symbiotic relationship. Aidan Longshadow’s sister, Abbi, is a scientist who has made a startling discovery—vampire-hawks are suffering from severe anemia. To combat their infertility issues, they need something stronger than human blood. They need lycan blood. Since lycans are unlikely to voluntarily donate blood to their cause, Aidan takes it upon himself to go to the lycan community and bargain with them, using the only leverage he has, knowledge about an unsolved murder.

Hunter Black likes to think of himself as a reasonable guy who avoids conflict and keeps others in line. When a vampire-hawk approaches him, promising information about the murder of Hunter’s mate in exchange for a sample of blood, Hunter is torn. He wants to avenge his wife’s death and help with his pack’s fertility issues—plus the prospect of spending more time with the good-looking vampire isn’t entirely unappealing—but he isn’t exactly sure how to broach the issue to his alpha. When Hunter and Aiden accidentally exchange blood, along with some other bodily fluids, Hunter knows there is no backing out. He and Aiden have not only become unwitting test subjects for Abbi’s theory, but their rapidly growing feelings for each other provide a compelling reason to fight for cooperation between their races.

Symbiotic Mates 1: Hunter and the Hawk is an exciting story that promises not to disappoint. With gritty fight scenes, mortal enemies, forbidden romance, and, of course, plenty of hot man-on-man action, what more could one ask for?

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