Sneak Peek: Take Me by Taylor Brooks

Take Me Book Cover

Selling high-end automobiles to the rich and the famous of Orange County wasn’t exactly what Clint Rodham had expected to be doing with his life, but when Elite Imports hired him right out of college he realized that he had a natural gift for sales. Eight years later he’s still working for Elite Imports and is one of their top salesmen. However, his outgoing personality, hard-working attitude, and aptitude for sales no longer seem to matter when it comes out that he’s gay. His coworkers shun him and his boss saddles him with menial tasks and overlooks him when handing out the best sales leads. With his sales numbers plummeting and his commissions dwindling, Clint finds himself worrying about how to make rent. When on his balcony one evening trying to take his mind off of the newfound stresses in his life, Clint hears the voice of a man calling from the roof of his complex.

Rick Tanner is a personal trainer and health specialist who moved to Southern California from Kansas in search of an environment that might be more friendly and suitable to his lifestyle and profession. As he is exploring his new apartment complex he accidentally locks himself on the roof, unaware that the door locks automatically from the inside. When Clint comes to his rescue and opens the door for him, Rick invites him to his apartment and offers him a beer as thanks for Clint’s help. Soon, though, Rick realizes that he wants to offer Clint much more than just a beer, and what starts as a simple neighborly gesture quickly gets hot and heavy.

In Take Me, Taylor Brooks weaves a tale of two men whose life paths haven’t always gone in the expected or desired direction. Touching on real-life issues of workplace discrimination, the anxiety that comes with moving to a new city, accepting yourself for who you really are, and of course the power of love, Ms. Brooks and her two heroes prove that with hard work, a positive attitude, and the support of our loved ones, any obstacle can be overcome. Even though life often leads in unpredictable directions, love often finds us at the most unexpected times.

Review by Staff Contributor