Sneak Peek: The Alpha’s Captive by AJ Jarrett

The Alpha's Captive Book Cover

Could you fight your own family for the right to be with your mate? What if your mate was a werewolf? The Alpha’s Captive, the first book of AJ Jarrett’s Nehalem Pack series, pits forbidden mates against a shadowy council of werewolf hunters in a battle for acceptance and true love.

Aiden doesn’t know what to think. One minute he’s crawling into bed for the night, and the next he’s being abducted by large, gruff men who seem to have a vendetta against his father. Besides the fact that his dad is a veterinarian and an upstanding citizen, Aiden personally hasn’t done anything to these men to deserve imprisonment at their hands. None of them will hear his pleas, though, except one. Their hunky leader Devon seems to have taken an interest in Aiden—a feeling which is certainly mutual—but Aiden is beginning to suspect that something is a little off about his compassionate captor…

At first, Devon just plans to trade Aiden to the werewolf hunters in exchange for the safe return of his younger brother, Erik. It’s the right thing to do as the alpha of his pack. But the second he comes face to face with his new hostage, he realizes that things are more complicated than he initially thought. There’s something irresistible about the young human, something that he can’t quite place, unless…could it be that Aiden is his mate?

The Alpha’s Captive is the story of two unlikely lovers who overcome grim circumstances to find their happy ever after. Aiden and Devon’s struggle to instill empathy in the hearts of their oppressors is a reminder that sometimes, with a little bit of help, love does conquer all.

Review by Staff Contributor