Sneak Peek: The Half-Breed Angel by Marcy Jacks

The Half-Breed Angel Book Cover

John and his squad of angelic warriors have successfully saved the souls of three potential generals of Hell, instead turning them into powerful knights of Heaven. Three times have they bested Annabel, a vicious and spunky demon obsessed with John. But their victory has come at a price. A principled and devoted warrior, John has long denied his feelings for his second-in-command, Kale, for the sake of his duty. But when Annabel poisons Kale, all bets are off, and John is willing to sacrifice anything, even himself, to save the love of his life. He enters into a bargain with the demon, and soon finds himself on the wrong side of the battle, pitted against the angels that used to follow him. John must die to atone for his mistakes.

All is not lost, however, and Kale rejoices when John is reborn as a mortal. John is not so quick to embrace their relationship, struggling with his guilt and unwilling to let Kale sacrifice his new role as commander to be with him. Further complicating their happy ending is the existence of a fourth potential general. To find him, they must enter into an uneasy alliance with Annabel, who claims to want protection from Lucifer after failing to turn the previous three generals. But should they trust the treacherous demon after all she has done to them?

The Half-Breed Angel brings the Redemption series to a stirring and satisfying conclusion. Readers of the previous books will be excited to see John and Kale’s story, which has been on a slow burn throughout the series, put in the forefront. Their passion ignites as they struggle against Heaven and Hell to save the last general and themselves.

Review by Staff Contributor