Sneak Peek: The Half-Breed Vampire by Marcy Jacks

The Half-Breed Vampire Book Cover

Gentle vampire Derek Morgan has lived a life of solitude. Unaware that he’s at the center of a struggle between Heaven and Hell, all he knows is that ever since childhood he has been harassed by demonic voices urging him to hurt, maim, and kill. Afraid of their son’s fits of violence, his family locked him away at a young age.

On the eve of his thirtieth birthday, Derek finally gets a reprieve from the decades of loneliness when Luke, a warrior of Heaven, is sent to save his soul. Derek, deprived of affection and companionship for so long, quickly falls for Luke, but the angel’s heart is hardened by grief. This was originally his brother’s assignment, and he is only sent when his brother jumps in front of a sword meant for Luke. He just wants to get this mission over with. But Derek’s sweetness and passion spark something in Luke that he never thought he would feel.

As they grow closer, Annabel, a powerful and provocative demon, stirs up trouble with Luke’s angelic commander, John. John has suppressed his attraction to his second-in-command, Kale, for too long in the service of his heavenly duty. When Annabel poisons Kale, however, John can no longer deny his feelings. He will do anything to save the man he loves. But can Derek and Luke survive the consequences of John’s choice?

The Half-Breed Vampire, the third book in the Redemption series, raises the stakes in the battle between good and evil as Annabel pits friend against friend. The story manages to be lighthearted and touching in the midst of this epic struggle. Derek and Luke show readers a love that breaks the rules and transcends Heaven and Hell.

Review by Staff Contributor