Sneak Peek: The Incubus Song by Jana Downs

The Incubus Song Book Cover

The Incubus Song, the first book in the Incubus Contracts series, immediately draws readers into the seductive and dangerous world of Incubi and Succubi, demons who feed on the sexual energy of humans. When the Incubus king hears the passionate song of rock musician Dante, he knows he has to have the singer’s soul.

Eroc is a five-hundred-year-old Incubus who refused to enter into a contract with a human and has been on probation ever since. Luckily, it turns out that he is Dante’s fated match. He is given a chance to regain his former status if he can acquire Dante’s soul. His sister warns him that the passionate ones are the ones you have to watch out for, but getting attached to Dante is the furthest thing from his mind. He easily tricks the musician into selling his soul. In exchange, he agrees to be Dante’s love slave until the singer gets a major record deal, a task Eroc looks forward to since Dante is so easy on the eyes.

But a flood of unexpected feelings soon surprises the demon. Despite knowing he will have to leave when his mission is complete, he quickly falls for Dante and decides to enjoy the time they have together. That time comes to an end quicker than expected, however, when Dante’s band attracts the attention of a major record label. Eroc is forced to decide if he is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to be with the man he loves.

This lively and uplifting book is a tale of star-crossed lovers that come together as their worlds collide. The real charm of this story is the sweetly sassy way the characters relate to each other. The affectionate relationship between Eroc and his endearingly trampy sister forms a nice counterpoint to their demonic natures while the romance between Eroc and Dante provides the heart of the story, an abiding love that can overcome any obstacle that comes its way.

Review by Staff Contributor