Sneak Peek: The Kayan’s Mage by Jess Buffett

Sawyer McLeod and his twin brother, Riley, have been on the run since childhood. They are Mages, the most feared and hated of all paranormals for their potent magical abilities, and are the only survivors of the massacre of their guild. No one knows who they are, and they will only survive if they don’t let anyone close enough to learn the truth. But when a mysterious Wolf-Shifter comes to the rescue after a friend betrays them, Sawyer doesn’t know if he can keep his distance, not when his heart tells him this man is his mate.

As the leader of his Wolf-Shifter clan, Jake Hunter is being pressured by his family and clan alike to marry and father an heir, even if he has to settle for someone who isn’t his true mate. Luckily, before they can force him to do so, he stumbles across an angelic young man in trouble and realizes immediately that he has finally found his mate. After he saves Sawyer, they begin the great journey of love and fatherhood via surrogate. But what is Sawyer not telling him about his past? And will those that want to hurt Sawyer and his brother ever be stopped?

In her debut novel, The Kayan’s Mage, Jess Buffett brings to life a secret world of paranormals full of rival clans, shadowy organizations, and enduring love. The sinister villain provides the story with drama and tension while the main characters’ sass, humor, and affection for each other serve as a nice counterbalance, imbuing the story with the hope that, yes, love really can conquer all.

Review by Staff Contributor