Sneak Peek: Training Ryan by Tatum Throne

Training Ryan Book Cover

When flight medic Dr. Ryan Barrow saves gorgeous cop Trent Lakeland from a potentially fatal gunshot wound, he knows he recognizes the handsome policeman, but simply can’t figure out how. After the two heroes are reunited at Ryan’s annual naughty photo shoot for charity, neither can contain his excitement—or attraction. They now know that fate is to thank for their chance encounter. However, Trent is now deaf as a result of the accident, and struggling to come to terms with how it will affect a potential relationship with Ryan. What’s more, their professional lives are entwined, and maintaining this secret relationship could prove to be devastating to their careers. As they each encounter painful secrets from each other’s pasts, more bloodshed, and a potentially fatal disease, it seems as though destiny is playing a cruel joke on the two men who want nothing more than to be together.

Through a whirlwind of steamy bedroom adventures and thrilling suspense, they have to learn to overcome their own insecurities and each put their trust and fate in the hands of their beloved. It’s up to them to decide if their love is strong enough to overcome the obstacles that could easily destroy their relationship. Tatum Throne’s Training Ryan is a journey through the extraordinary ups and downs that put the love of two heroes to the ultimate test, proving that no adversity stands a chance in the face of true love.

Review by Staff Contributor