Sneak Peek: Troy’s Older Lover by Sam Crescent

Troy's Older Lover Book Cover

Troy’s Older Lover, Sam Crescent’s latest novel, is a warm tale of the May-December romance that unexpectedly blossoms between a lonely man and his aloof boss. Society and their own preconceived notions challenge the new couple, and they must learn to accept one another and themselves if their relationship is to prevail.

Troy Stone is a young law secretary who has lived in isolation ever since his father disowned him ten years ago when Troy came out. Emotionally scarred, he doesn’t believe that he will ever find love. But then Troy runs into his boss, Josh, at a gay bar one night, and things begin to take on a life of their own.

Unfortunately, Joshua Hudson is straight. He was married to his high school sweetheart for years before she cheated on him, and he’s never looked twice at a man. After a kiss with Troy, however, he begins to discover feelings that disrupt his orderly life and make him question everything he knows. But as they start to grow closer, Troy receives news of his father’s illness, and they are forced to confront Troy’s past while exploring their future.

The story’s portrayal of the real-life struggles, both internal and external, that surround a contemporary gay relationship is both honest and charming. The heroes’ journey as they discover themselves and each other takes readers through the pitfalls of modern romance into a future full of acceptance and possibility.

Review by Staff Contributor