Sneak Peek: Unconventional Mate by Stormy Glenn

Unconventional Mate Book Cover

Semyon Barak, a fierce Katzmann warrior under the command of Chellak Rai, thinks he is making a routine trip to Elquone for supplies, but he discovers something else has come back to Katzmann with him, and it certainly wasn’t on his list. Nari, a very pregnant Brüter who is wanted for the murder of his former contract holder Katchi, snuck aboard Semyon’s transport in hopes of escaping his terrible fate. While Nari doesn’t love Katchi, he does love the child the man is able to give him. But Anjou, Katchi’s greedy brother, wants Nari’s child, who is heir to Katchi’s fortune, and sets the Brüter up as Katchi’s killer. But even though Nari knows Anjou is responsible for Katchi’s death, he has no proof and has to quickly make his escape before he’s executed and the Elquone government takes away his son. Semyon is at first reluctant to give sanctuary to the Brüter, but one look at the man convinces Semyon that he and Nari are mates. But Anjou isn’t content to let Nari get away so easily, and he will stop at nothing to track Nari down.

With danger around every corner, the heroes embark on an epic and suspenseful adventure. Even through all the terrible things they face, their love continues to grow and strengthen. The heroes share a remarkably profound bond and intimacy, and their love is beautifully expressed through the sensuality and vibrant passion during their moments alone. Disaster may strike at any time, but the world falls away when Nari and Semyon are together.

With the lurking threat of Anjou’s schemes, the heroes retreat into the desert on a mission from Chellak Rai. But trouble seems determined to follow them wherever they go, and they must rely on their bond to overcome the obstacles they face. Surprising plot twists keep readers on their toes and build up to an unpredictable and riveting climax.

Review by Staff Contributor