Sneak Peek: Virgil by Joyee Flynn

Virgil Book Cover

In Virgil, the eighth book in Joyee Flynn’s Marius Brothers series, the most standoffish Marius brother finally takes center stage. Although Virgil Marius is just as intelligent as his genius family members, multiple rejections and dismissals over the centuries have taught him to keep his thoughts to himself. All of that changes, though, when Foma and Mareo, Virgil’s two fae mates, show up at his door. With the support of his two new lovers, Virgil starts opening up to his family and friends, and everyone soon discovers that Virgil’s outstanding intellect might save all of their lives.

Virgil is a treat not only because it features the coming out (in more ways than one) of a typically reserved character, but also because Virgil’s acceptance of himself allows Mareo and Foma to completely fall in love with their new mate. As Mareo and Foma push Virgil to share more of himself with others, they notice in him many of the traits they’ve been looking for in a mate during their centuries-long search. They meet Virgil’s family and fit in splendidly, and they also take that chance to observe the people who were around him in his formative years. With the help of a little fae magic, Mareo, Foma, and Virgil revisit old memories and heal themselves of ancient wounds they had long since covered up. It’s the most intense therapy session imaginable, and it sheds new light on the well-intended foibles of these generally lovable characters.

Virgil is another excellent entry in the Marius Brothers series. In addition to gripping political intrigue and Joyee Flynn’s characteristic wit, Virgil offers a tender depiction of three characters finding one another and growing together after years of loneliness and rejection.

Review by Staff Contributor