Sneak Peek: Wolf’s Bane by Stormy Glenn

Wolf's Bane Book Cover

Douglas Stone knows that he’s no knight in shining armor—he’s not even “a knight in tarnished armor”—but there’s something about Jilly, the handsome young vampire hooker, that he finds irresistibly compelling, something that has him willing to try to be the savior Jilly needs. Even though Douglas could use some saving himself.

Readers familiar with Stormy Glenn’s True Blood Mate series may remember werewolf Douglas Stone from Heart Song, the first book in the series. In Wolf’s Bane, Douglas is back and he’s making the transition from villain to hero. Fresh out of jail after serving time for crimes he takes full responsibility for, Douglas isn’t quite sure how to go about making amends and rebuilding his life—but he is certain he wants Jilly to be a part of that life.

Jilly, a.k.a. Jacopo Yves, is a vampire with a few shameful secrets of his own. A vampire who faints at the sight of blood, Jilly was banished from his coven as an embarrassment to the vampire race and reduced to selling his body just to get by. He isn’t sure he deserves Douglas’s kindness, let alone his love. And when Douglas challenges a corrupt werewolf alpha on Jilly’s behalf, neither of them are sure they are fit for the leadership roles they suddenly find themselves in.

Jilly and Douglas are not your typical romantic heroes. They’re a matched pair of misfits whose past mistakes—and willingness to own up to those mistakes—make them all the more relatable. At its heart, Wolf’s Bane is a tale of redemption, but it’s not your typical story of redemption, filled with ruminations on what has been and what might have been. In true Stormy Glenn fashion, this is an action-packed story filled with unexpected twists and whose tough, quirky heroes are unapologetic about their pasts and about their love for each other. As Jilly and Douglas meet each new challenge head-on, they recognize that their newfound romance is the chance they need to redeem themselves and each other, while hopefully helping those around them in the process.

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