Sneak Peek: Xander’s Reluctant Mate by Alex Carreras

Xander's Reluctant Mate Book Cover

Alex Carreras writes erotic ManLove full of heart, humor, passion, and intrigue. Xander’s Reluctant Mate is the fourth entry in his ever-entertaining Aragon series. The heroes of this story, Xander and Marcos, have dark pasts and uncertain futures. They meet on the nighttime streets of Zaragoza, Spain, and their chemistry is immediately palpable, but their romance gets off to a rocky start when Marcos is unwillingly turned into a vampire by a thirsty Xander. Now Marcos must learn how to survive as a member of the undead and Xander will have to help him adapt to a nightmarish existence.

Fans of the series are in for another exciting chapter in the saga of the vampire war between the Fraternidad and the Romani. Carreras skillfully combines action-packed battle scenes, suspenseful encounters, and steamy interludes to deliver his unique love story, and he exhibits an excellent balance between the intimacy of Xander and Marcos’s developing relationship and the larger struggle to save the ancient city.

This is a character-driven paranormal adventure tale. Xander and Marcos are portrayed with realism and psychological complexity, and the three-dimensional depiction of the characters gives this book a satisfying depth. Xander’s Reluctant Mate is a quick read that will keep readers up late to finish and then leave them eager for the next Aragon book.

Review by Staff Contributor