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Tatum’s Top Ten:

Things I Love About ManLove

By Tatum Throne

I love to write about my top ten favorite things. Today, I’m writing about the top ten things I love about the ManLove genre. I can honestly say that I found the ManLove genre by happy accident. I had two secondary characters in my first M/F book who were gay, and I didn’t give them their happily ever after. That led me to write my very first M/M, High Heat. It awakened a passion inside of me I didn’t know I had and I couldn’t deny. I instantly fell in love with writing in the ManLove genre and discovered that I love writing gay fiction.

As promised, my top ten favorite things I love about ManLove:

1. I love writing about two heroes.

There’s something really sexy about getting inside a guy’s head and seeing what he thinks about, what he dreams about, and what turns him on. I love writing about a hero who’s running and one who’s chasing. It’s fun to write about two physically equal characters, too. It makes the story really exciting to me.

2. I love writing a happily ever after for men.

Connecting two lives isn’t easy. My heroes have to have things in common, things they love about each other, things that will keep them together when times get tough, and they have to trust each other completely. Happiness is different for every one of my characters. It all has to ring with honesty and truth. I love writing the final happily ever after chapter with my characters. I often feel like Kathleen Turner in the movie Romancing the Stone. I get all teary eyed and happy sappy when I finish writing.

3. I love the creative challenge.

A good friend of mine once told me that we put a little piece of our souls into every story we write. It is so very true. Writing M/M fiction is a challenge in that I want to portray my characters with sincerity. To do that, I’ve had to do a lot of research to make sure that my writing rings with a truth that honors the M/M relationship. I can only imagine what it’s like for two men to fall in love and live happily ever after. At the end of the day, it is only my imagination that limits me.

4. I love the romance of ManLove.

I love to read about two people falling in love. There’s something really special about giving your heart to someone else. One usually falls first, but there is always that mutual initial spark of attraction that leads my characters to happiness. At times, there can be a question as to if one of my heroes is gay. So, it usually takes a little extra time for my heroes to discover each other. There’s something really sweet and innocent about that.

5. I love the passion of the ManLove genre.

I love creating a passionate and exciting world for my characters to fall in love. At least one of my characters will have doubt and fear, but it comes from a place of protecting their heart. Everyone can relate to having their heart broken or being disappointed. Being able to escape into a world where things are not quite perfect, but are filled with passion is a wonderful gift to have and to give.

6. I love writing action scenes with men.

I love writing actions scenes to hook my reader. As a reader, I don’t want to have to read five pages in to get hooked. I want to be emotionally invested right off the bat. I want to be grabbed and flung into the world I’m reading about. I want to be standing on the bridge next to TJ as he saves Parker’s life. If I stop reading, will Parker be saved? I can’t stop reading. I have to find out!

7. I love writing spicy sex scenes.

My writing makes me blush. *blushes* I tell my friends that all the time. They say I’m full of things, but it’s so very true. I’m really shy. I’ve never been hit on by any guy. Even with my hubby, I did most of the chasing. I can’t speak to a cute guy without getting tongue tied. So, it’s true when I say I want to cover my virgin ears when I’m writing. *laughs* The thought of people reading my writing makes me blush! I love writing sex scenes and about passion. It’s so intimate and personal. I love reading romance to be able to see what goes on behind closed doors. That’s the fun part I love about the ManLove genre.

8. I love writing about sweet, cocky, and gorgeous men falling in love.

I fall in love every time I write a new story. As a reader, I want to fall in love too when I’m reading my favorite authors. Writing about two heroes gives me a second opportunity to fall in love when I write. I suppose I don’t really fall in love with my female characters. I like them a lot and try to make them likable, but I love my boys best. I suppose I play favorites when I write!

9. I love reading ManLove.

I accidentally found the ManLove genre when I read M/F work with M/M themes. I found myself being drawn to the M/M storyline and wanted more. I kept asking myself, why did the author stop right there? That led me to find my favorite M/M authors. I fell in love and it was a beautiful thing!

10. I love writing ManLove romance.

It’s like chocolate for me. I can’t stop. I always want more! *laughs* I never expected to be so passionate about something that I can’t ever experience firsthand! The only way I get to experience it is through my writing. I suppose that will have to do! *happy sigh*

I fell in love with writing M/M romance when I wrote High Heat. I honestly never expected this calling when I began writing so many years ago. It took me a really long time to find my calling and niche, but I wouldn’t change a minute of it for the world. I needed all my other writing experiences to lead me to this point in life. I’ve fallen in love writing for the ManLove genre or maybe I was lucky in that it found me. Either way, I’ve never been so happy in my entire life or so excited about ManLove!


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  1. You sound like me, Tatum, I blush at some of the things I write, especially if hubby is looking over my shoulder, LOL!