The Alpha Wolf’s Decision by Marcy Jacks

*Please note this content contains adult language and themes. It is intended for a mature audience.*

The Alpha Wolf’s Decision

 A Scene with Corey and James from The Alpha Wolf Kidnaps a Mate

By Marcy Jacks


 Chapter One


“Does it bother you? That I can never give you kids?” James DeWitt, leading alpha of his pack, asked his mate.

His mate who was a man, and that was why he felt the need to ask.

Corey Black looked him right in the face—a task that wasn’t easy for a lot of people, considering the many pockmarked scars James had thanks to a shotgun blast to his face barely a year ago. Corey’s green eyes were filled with love and understanding, as well as a hint of the sadness that such a question could bring.

“No,” he said.

 Corey and James tried not to keep secrets from each other, though James was still aware that everyone always had some things they liked to have only to themselves. Not to mention the fact that there was James’s position in the pack that would require some secrets to be kept. Not all the information he had was his to give away, even some of the more personal things involving himself, simply because James’s brother, Mason, had been involved at the time, and maybe he didn’t want some things passed around the pack.

Corey understood perfectly. Maybe it was because the man kept a diary, and James had enough respect for his mate to not pester him to read it. James had no interest in reading the thing, really.

This trust they had for each other, knowing what to share and what not to, was what allowed them to grow as a couple. It was more than just being mated that kept them together.

This was one of those times when James was struck by the kind of happiness he never thought he would ever experience, let alone be able to keep, when he found his mate in Corey.

It was also one of the saddest, because he knew his mate was lying to him.

“You can tell me the truth, you know. It won’t change anything between us,” James said. His words sounded as though he was getting ready to lift some kind of burden from Corey’s shoulders, maybe offer him forgiveness, when in truth, James was the one who was aching here, and he was the one who needed to be forgiven.

He reached for Corey’s scarred hand and laced their fingers together.

There were a lot of things that had happened to Corey ever since James had brought him into the pack, things that never would have happened if James had just left the man alone and walked away.

“Does it bother you that we can’t have kids?” Corey asked, the sadness a little more obvious in his eyes as he put James’s question back onto him.

James sighed as he carded his fingers through Corey’s blond hair. It was a little longer than usual and would need to be cut soon, but James liked it at the length it was at now.

“James?” Corey asked.

“It didn’t used to. I never thought I would ever want kids, but then…” James trailed off, thinking of the bedroom down the hall that still contained an empty crib, stuffed toys, blankets, books, clothes, as well as other things a healthy one-year-old boy might need.

Sammy had been brought into their house after the death of his mother and his father went missing. Corey had taken to the child and almost immediately became a father hen, or something like that, seeing to the boy’s care whereas James thought the pack’s wise woman would’ve been more interested in that.

In time, the kid had grown on James as well.

Phillip, the boy’s real father, was back now, and he was taking over the parenting now that he was able.

As a thank-you to both Corey and James for what they had done for him while he’d been out mourning the loss of his wife, he’d made them Sammy’s godparents.

It was still a little quiet without the kid around, though. James could hardly remember the last time he was able to just sit down and relax with Corey on the couch like this. At first it had been fine as they spent time with each other, watched movies, went out on dates, and enjoyed loud and long sex again, but, yeah…There was definitely something missing.

The soft touch of his mate’s hand against James’s scarred face pulled him out of his thoughts. He looked down, only a little stunned to see that Corey wasn’t touching him with his scarred hand.

James wasn’t the only one with scars. Corey’s ex-boyfriend had come after him, tied him down, and poured silver-contaminated water onto his skin, burning it like acid.

That fucker was also the cause for James’s new look. It had been the best pleasure of his life when he was able to rescue Corey and break his bastard ex’s neck. James didn’t even like thinking the guy’s name.

“Stop thinking,” Corey commanded.

James couldn’t help the way his already twisted and deformed lips twisted even more as he smiled. “You always know when I’m dwelling on something.”

“It isn’t hard to tell, considering the way your eyes get all spaced out.”

Corey chose that moment to lean in. The press of his mouth against James’s was soft, but James could feel how uneven his skin was as his lover, best friend, and mate kissed him.

He really was the luckiest son of a bitch on the planet that Corey didn’t care about his scars. He acted as though they weren’t there, and not because he was trying to be sensitive to James or something, but because they really didn’t matter to him.

Yeah, lucky SOB, that was him.

As Corey’s tongue reached out and pressed along the crease between James’s lips before entering his mouth, a thrill ran up and down the back of James’s spine before moving into his legs, but also into his hips.

His balls tightened, and that pleasurable thrill went straight into James’s cock, and he shifted his weight as his dick hardened and lengthened.

As though Corey was reading his thoughts again, he leaned into James’s body before practically crawling onto his lap, putting one leg on either side of James’s.

With their pelvises pressed together, James could feel the hard length of Corey’s cock under his jeans. He grabbed the smaller man’s ass and pulled them even closer, yanking a moan out of the man that made James as hard and ready to take him as he could possibly be.

His hands cupped the back of Corey’s neck, and he pulled them apart only for a second, long enough to stare into those green eyes.

Their breathing was hard, and James could hear the beating of Corey’s heart in his chest as it pumped loud and fast.

The “Let’s go to bed” was on the tip of his tongue to say, but then he realized that there was no one else in the house. Old Maggie had left to go and meditate with Eli as part of his healing against alcoholism, and there was no young child running around the house that needed to be pawned off on someone else, or put down for a nap.

James and Corey had the entire house to themselves. There was no one else they had to worry about, no baby monitors that needed to be listened to at all times, and they could be as loud as they pleased and damn anyone outside who might hear.

“What is it?” Corey asked, his breathing returning to normal, as did the beating of his heart.

“Nothing at all,” James said, and he brought Corey’s deliciously plump lips forward for another kiss. This one he took control of.

James’s hands moved down, and without the use of his eyes to guide him, he found Corey’s bulge, and he cupped it in his palm, listening with intense pleasure as his mate groaned into his mouth.

James swallowed the sound, and it sent shockwaves down to his own aching dick, which was pushing impatiently against James’s jeans.

“Get me out of these,” Corey demanded. “And fuck me. Right here.”

His green eyes flashed as he made the command, and James enjoyed hearing that order so much that his balls tightened unbearably and he nearly came right there.

It was times like this that he figured Corey wasn’t entirely an omega.

“Yes, sir,” James said.

He couldn’t give Corey any pups, which was such an intense shame because of how wonderful a parent he would be, but James could give him this. For the moment, he could only hope that would be enough.



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