The Blind Werewolf Lover by Marcy Jacks

*Please note this content contains adult language and themes. It is intended for a mature audience.*

The Blind Werewolf Lover

Short Story with Nick and Adam from The Blind Werewolf Assassin

By Marcy Jacks


Chapter One


It was a rare thing when Adam Trenton was able to follow his blind mate, Nick Larossa, out onto the field to track and kill hunters who were sniffing just a little too close to their pack.

James DeWitt, the pack’s leading alpha, had made a rule forbidding anyone from hunting in the same group as their mate. He said it was to prevent distractions that could cause injury or death.

This was something of an accident, however. He and Nick had been out running together, enjoying their alone time and chasing rabbits and coyotes out of their territory when the scent of humans with guns floated across their noses.

They had been so far out and away from the pack, and the scent so close, that there was no time to rush back and tell James, Mick, or any of the other alphas what was happening.

The sound of shots being fired in the distance, followed by the fresh scent of blood, also meant that the time couldn’t be spared. Nick and Adam had to check it out.

Could they be regular hunters? Adam asked through their shared mental link.

His eyes darted to the side, watching for only a second as Nick deftly avoided the thick branch of a tree that would likely have snapped off under the power of his charge, but would have hurt to get whacked in the face with nonetheless.

I doubt it. I can hear crying and screaming. They’ve got someone with them, not an animal they’re hunting, Nick replied, and then jumped when Adam did to avoid tripping over a fallen log.

Sometimes Adam forgot about how his lover could smell and hear things that were even farther away than what the average werewolf could smell or hear, and it amazed him every time he was reminded.

Nick had mastered a sort of wolf sonar. If even the wind blew in a direction that pulled scent away from him, brushing across trees, rocks and people, Nick would be able to sense the change and tell where those people and trees were, and either avoid them or approach them.

In this situation, he was making sure he wasn’t destroying the forest as he ran through it. Or giving himself a concussion. Some of those trees were pretty big and there was no way Nick, or any werewolf, would be able to simply charge through them.

As they got closer, the wind shifted, and the scent of blood became stronger, and then Adam could hear the crying and screaming. Someone was loudly sobbing, and the hunters were fucking laughing about it.

They’re in a clearing. They always are, Nick said. You take the left and I’ll take the right.

How many are there? Adam asked before Nick could rush off.

I smell only four. Blood coming from one of them. That must be the victim. Keep an eye out in case there are more, Nick said, and then he flanked right and vanished through the bushes.

Nick was always telling him to keep an eye out. He was good at what he did, but ever since they’d gotten back together, Adam had sort of become his eyes.

Not that the wolf needed them. If he scented only three hunters, then three there would be. He only asked Adam to get a visual check just to be on the safe side.

Adam did as he was told anyway. They were both alphas, but his inner wolf didn’t mind taking orders so long as they came from two people. James or Nick.

Nick was the very same.

As the sobbing and shouting became louder, Adam quickened his step. He was careful to avoid stepping into a bear trap. He’d done that once before and it had fucking hurt, but oddly enough, he didn’t catch sight of anything protecting the hunters at all.

At first he thought that the men must have just hid them extremely well, but then he was crouching through a bush and peeking through to their campsite, and he realized how off he’d been.

These weren’t professionals. They were amateurs.

The scent of alcohol floating around nearly made him growl, but he held himself in check. He wasn’t sure why. It wasn’t like any of the three drunks would have heard him if he’d snarled anyway, not with all the noise they were making.

They were having a bang-up time, laughing out loud and talking over each other about what they should do with their catch. Nick had been right. There were four people in the clearing. Three men, none of whom looked over the age of twenty-five, and there was a woman tied to a tree on the far left side.

She was filthy. Adam couldn’t tell if her hair was blond underneath all that mud, sweat, and dirt. The dress she wore looked like it might have been white at one point with a little floral pattern. Now it was the color of dirt, with red in a few places where she’d been stabbed. She had on no shoes, and there were cuts and scrapes all over her feet. Probably from running. Had she escaped and been caught and brought back? There was definitely some discoloration on her face that had nothing to do with dirt.

Once he looked a little closer and sniffed at the air, he could see that she had more slices along her body than it appeared. All that blood he’d smelled had come from her all right.

The worst part about it was that he couldn’t scent a wolf on her. Either she hadn’t shifted in a good long while or she was a human. Judging from the fact that she hadn’t been fast enough to escape when she’d had the chance, he was willing to bet the latter. He was going to kill these guys.

One of the men approached her and poured the last of his beer over her head. She screamed and they laughed.

From their conversation, it seemed they thought she was a werewolf only because of some wolf pendant that they passed around and laughed at. They were celebrating, trying to torture her into changing into something that she wasn’t so they could skin her and take her pelt.

Adam caught sight of Nick as he circled the clearing, catching only small flashes of the black wolf through the trees and shrubs. It was a little harder for Adam to stay hidden when he was an arctic wolf, so he stayed still.

Nick was sniffing the air, looking for an opening with which to attack one of the men who wandered too close to the tree line.

Even if he did that, and Adam knew he would if it meant getting the girl out of here, he would be killed for sure. These idiots were drunk, but they were sober enough to use their weapons, and Adam was willing to bet that they would fire off several shots at him, even if it meant hitting and killing their own friend.

Don’t do it, Nick, Adam said.

We have to do something!

He was right, but Adam wasn’t willing to risk losing his lover. He’d experienced that enough in his life and didn’t want to have to do it again.

If Adam made his presence known, however, and made the hunters chase him, at least two would follow, leaving the third alone to guard the woman. Nick could take him out without any problems.

Though Nick couldn’t see his face, his head lifted a little, and Adam realized that he’d been just a bit too careless with his thoughts.


Too late. He’d already jumped into the clearing, barking loudly so as to startle the men. They were so occupied in their drinks and tormenting and scaring the poor woman that all three of them screamed. One even jumped and fell on his ass, doing the crab walk to back away from him.

The woman only stared with her mouth open, as though she didn’t know whether to keep screaming herself.

He only hoped she, as well as he and Nick, would get out of this unscathed.

Finally, just as predicted, the men all reached for their guns, and that was when Adam turned and ran. From the sounds of their footsteps behind him, only two were giving chase.

Good. Very good.

The sound of gunshots banged loudly behind him. From the way one of the bushes a solid ten feet to the right of him exploded, they were using shotguns.

The alcohol had made them shitty shots, but they could still get lucky. Adam only had to stay alive and keep the men following him long enough for their bullets to run out and Nick to get here and save his ass.

More and more he understood why James hated sending couples out on missions.



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