The Dreaded Era – The Beginning by Christine Shaw

*Please note this content contains adult language and themes. It is intended for a mature audience.*

The Dreaded Era – The Beginning

By Christine Shaw

914 AD

Harrison Ford lay between the tall green grass that was his family’s meadow. The sun shone bright, filtering streams of its stunning rays to Harris’s awaiting body.

This was how he spent most of his days. At the ripe young age of twenty, Harris was still nothing but a child. You see, Harris was a vampire, a man who is every bit as human as the rest of the world except for two minor details. First, he wouldn’t age much from his young looks, ever, and second, he drank blood as well as ate normal food.

He was a man after all, and Harris’s family were rich. They owned loads of land, raised their own meat and grew their fruit and vegetables. Anything they couldn’t grow or make themselves they traded with their next-door neighbors. Well, they weren’t exactly next-door neighbors. Harris and his family lived outside of the village, and due to the amount of land they owned, their neighbors technically lived a mile away. More specifically the spot he lay in right now.

This meadow with its beautiful grasses, the odd corn growing in places lay on the border between his property and that of his best friends.

Andrew’s family did two things. The men of the family raised horses, training the animals to do different jobs as well as care over the beloved creatures. The women used wool and other materials to make sheets for the beds, clothes, and any other threadbare items a person could think of. Each family would trade makes for a cheaper price than normal to each other.

As Harris lay there, soaking up the sunshine, he felt a presence nearing him. He guessed it was a perk of his genes. Harris tended to know if anyone was approaching him. Just as predicted, his best friend suddenly jumped from between the grass and landed on Harris. “Umph,”he groaned. Andrew wasn’t a small man. In fact he was almost as tall as Harris and had muscles to show off his daily work.

“Harris, my friend, whatever are you doing lying here? There could be all kind of bugs nearby, crawling, waiting to dine on your flesh.”And that was his best friend, forever the joker, and entertainer.

‘I’ll dine on your flesh in a minute.”He growled out the response, flipping them both over so Harris landed on top, and his fangs came shooting out. Andrew was looking directly at him but Harris didn’t see fear on his friend’s face, only lust.

This was the way of it between them. They were not only neighbors and best friends, they were lovers too. Yes, it was frowned upon and probably would get them both killed if they were ever caught out in a lovers’embrace, but regardless, Harris loved the man dearly.

A cute little moan escaped Andrew’s supple lips and Harris curled his up, showing off the pointy white tips before he went for it. He bit almost savagely into his lover’s neck, gulping down the blood that called to him on so many levels. Harris felt a wet heat and heard the garbled cry as his lover came for him, from his bite.

That knowledge sent Harris’s pleasure soaring, and he came, like he did every time he fed from this man. Andrew was his only source of blood. The members of his family that didn’t have a fated-by-blood mate ate the blood of the animals they slaughtered. It wasn’t the best, but it sufficed enough for them to survive.

* * * *

One day four years ago, Harris worked with the animals. He was slaughtering ten pigs for the village’s annual feast in which every member was invited to attend. There would be vegetables, sauces, freshly baked bread and the ten pigs all on rotary devices above the wide open flame. The music, the wine, the dancing was a fantastic day and evening for the villagers as they celebrated the end of another fantastic summer for their crops.

The children would run around, playing as the adults mingled, couples danced and people filled their bellies of wine and food. The village elders would stand in the centre and speak about the season, about their success and their closeness. It was a wonderful place to live and everyone was loved.

But they were four weeks from that day, and as Harris hung the final slaughtered pig up so the meat could mature, he watched as the blood seeped out the wound at the pigs’necks into the buckets below. He noticed how one wasn’t quite set right, and as he moved it, a splash of blood landed on his hand. Quickly looking around, he noticed nobody nearby and licked the spot off the back of his hand, and damn did it taste so nice.

Pig was Harris’s favorite if he had to have one, and with the taste of it now on his tongue, he wanted more. But this blood would be for the festival. There was a woman in the village who used the blood to make a sort of pudding out of it. Of course this pudding was one that could be eaten with the meat, and Harris loved it. Human food and blood in one go was a winner in his mind. But it didn’t stop his body from reacting to the blood he had tasted, and his fangs dropped down. His stomach started cramping because he hadn’t felt blood touch his lips in a few days. He had been busy, working away from the main house where they kept the blood, and hadn’t been able to drink a while.

Thankfully this room was where they kept the blood they stored, and he greedily gulped it down from the metal cup. Then the drop of a bale of hay caught his attention and he saw the look his best friend gave him. Harris had been caught drinking blood, which definitely wasn’t normal.

He was suddenly afraid of what Andrew might do, and after what felt like an eternity, Andrew sauntered toward him. Harris thought the man might punch him, or worse, but instead he removed the cup from Harris’s hands and took a whiff, scrunching up his nose as the smell of pig’s blood often did to him.

Harris felt himself almost cowering away, as if afraid of what his best and only friend might think of him. He couldn’t take it if the man denied him their friendship by removing himself from Harris’s life. It would be too painful.

“Does this sustain you?”

Huh? Harris was confused. Andrew had just asked him a question he wasn’t expecting and also didn’t know how to answer. Instead, he shrugged, looking down at the floor so he didn’t have to see the outright disgust that his friend probably wore.

“Are you going to answer me with words, Harrison?”

Harris looked up at the mention of a full name that nobody ever called him by unless he was in trouble. What he saw shocked him more than being caught. A mixed look of hurt and desire watched Harris with sparkling blue eyes.

“It does till I find my mate.”Harris didn’t mean to spill that much out, but there it was. He hoped Andrew didn’t ask about a mate and what that may entail. Hell, even Harris didn’t have those answers. Instead, Harris had the general concept of when he met his mate the person would be it for him. He would fall in love, possibly start a family and live happily ever after. Harris also wasn’t foolish enough to believe his mate would be female. His mate could very well be a male and he was prepared for that. In fact, he would probably prefer his mate to be male, he would perhaps be more attracted to another male’s body than a female’s. Give him a nice ass and sculptured body over breasts any day.

“That doesn’t answer my question,”Andrew stated with purposeful steps toward Harris. “I want to know if this pig’s blood keeps you alive. Do you enjoy its taste?”Harris had taken a step back for every one of Andrew’s and now Harris was backed into a corner, quite literally, with nowhere to go.

Reluctantly, he answered, “It keeps me alive, but no, I do not enjoy it. It is the most tolerable of tastes but nowhere near the hold a human’s blood has over me.”

“So you really need a human’s blood to sustain and enjoy?”


“What about my blood?’

Huh? “What about your blood?”Harris was confused, and it didn’t help that he was beginning to get hot in the corner he was trapped in, Andrew blocking his only chance at freedom—and here the man was asking him about his blood.

Andrew’s blood did call to him. Often enough he lost himself in the dream of sinking his fangs into the tanned skin of the man’s neck, sucking on his blood, little by little over as long as he could.

‘What about my blood? Does it call to you? Would you like to bite into it and suck it right down?”Each word was pronounced with a suggestive bump of their groins and each bump created a stifling moan from Harris. That was what he wanted, to bite, to suck, to fuck his best friend. It was his carnal fantasy, and as of right now he hoped it could become a reality.

His stomach cramped again, the pig’s blood long forgotten, and Harris lost control. He struck and bit into live flesh for the very first time, and damn didn’t it feel good. He wrapped his arms around Andrew’s waist and held him close, sucking on human blood for the first time since he was a baby. Then another function popped up. Harris felt his cock fill up to full mass and also Andrew’s next to his.

Everything became so clear that they both wanted each other, and Harris made his friend a silent promise to be so close and to enjoy this as long as possible. The promise was sealed when he felt his cock erupt and heard the struggling sound between a gasp and a scream tear from Andrew’s mouth. It was clear they had both found release in this one bite.

* * * *

Harris turned his friend over. He couldn’t wait to feel his cock slide in deep to his friend. He knew how good it felt to sink into the tight hole. Especially when his friend liked it a little rough. Andrew preferred Harris to take him without stretching him open first, and it was the hottest thing he had ever known.

Harris carried a little vial of lotion everywhere with him. His mother grew a plant called aloe vera and extracted the natural oils in it to make a lotion of sorts. It was fantastic for cuts and any pains, especially on the animals to prevent them from becoming sick, but Harris also used it to slick his lover up. It made the smooth ride into his lover so much easier. And didn’t cause Andrew any pain.

As soon as he had both their trousers down, Harris squeezed the contents onto his flesh and smoothed it around evenly. He used the residual on his lover’s hole, and the puckered flesh shined after. It invited him so willingly that his cock jerked and twitched as Harris laid claim to his best friend once again.

“Ahh”he groaned out. This was his life at best. Having the best sex of his life so far, and with his best friend was purely heavenly. Harris began his thrusting, moving so almost his entire cock was out. The cooling midafternoon air felt great around his cock, and as he sunk back into that heat, he cried out in pleasure. Sex with this man was definitely great, if not better.

All too soon, Harris felt his body tighten up. His cock threatened to explode again, and he couldn’t wait. Harris pushed his cock deeper inside his lover, hitting a tiny raised piece of flesh that always made his lover cry out to the heavens. Harris got up on his knees and pulled Andrew with him so they were flushed back to chest.

Harris reached around and started stroking his lover’s cock in time with his thrusts into the man’s ass. It felt so fucking good, and after one, two, three thrusts, he came with a cry of pleasure that mingled with Andrew’s screams.

After a long time Harris came down from his high and gently laid his lover down, covering the man’s body with his own. At first Harris thought Andrew to be sleeping, but he wasn’t, and he came out with a question that startled Harris.

“Will you turn me?”

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