The Dreaded Era – The Beginning by Christine Shaw

“What?”Harris asked and sat up, effectively pulling his cock from Andrew’s ass with a wet popping sound.

“Will you turn me into a vampire, like yourself?”Andrew asked as he turned over. “I love you so much and I can’t imagine a life without you in it, as not only my best friend but also my lover, my partner for life.”

Harris was shocked and confused. He wanted that also. He had found someone who wanted to be with him for him, and the idea that some people went through their lives and not finding that one person, especially when Harris knew there would be one out there. It could be thousands of years into the future for all he knew. If he even lived that long!

“I have heard of a way it could be done. The village wise man was telling children of a creature that walked the woods of an evening. A creature that looked and sounded very human but wasn’t. He sucked on the blood of innocent humans every night just to stay alive. Also? He said there was a way the creature could turn any human into a vampire. Apparently if he bites and sucks enough blood from the human’s neck, putting the human at near death, then gives them his own blood, they would come back exactly like him.”

Harris couldn’t deny it. The story his friend portrayed to him sounded fantastic. To live his long life with his man, his best friend, to experience the world’s future together, to not have to watch the man grow old and die as he remained youthful looking sounded amazing. And for that reason only, he committed the stupidest move of his entire life, as long as it may or may not be.

Harris bit his friend once again, the blood going down so easy that Harris knew he didn’t have to stop yet. He had about eight minutes worth of sucking up blood first. He knew this because he usually fed from Andrew once every day, and thirty seconds of sucking took enough to satiate Harris but also didn’t make his very willing donor ill either.

After four minutes, Harris felt any tension leave his friend’s body and the man slumped in his arms as Harris continued to suck. He thought that maybe he should stop, but he didn’t want to cause harm, so he carried on. He had started something and now he needed to finish it.

After another few minutes, he removed his fangs. Andrew felt very cold to Harris, unlike his previously warm flesh. He bit into his own wrist and held it at his lover’s open mouth, but the man didn’t swallow. His friend looked as good as dead and felt it too. Harris began to get upset that he had killed his best friend, his lover, his companion in life. He couldn’t allow the man to die.

It was then he noticed the wound on the man’s neck hadn’t healed yet, and so Harris put his still bleeding wrist directly to the cut, hoping some of the blood would go into his friends body. After a few seconds that felt like hours to Harris, a gasp of breath escaped Andrew, and Harris put his wrist back to the man’s mouth, Andrew gulping down the liquid like he depended upon it.

A few minutes later and Harris felt Andrew’s lips go limp and the man’s eyes, that had opened, closed. Harris didn’t know what to do. Did he let his friend sleep or what? Was the man dead? Or a vampire? All these questions rumbled around his mind, but all he did, all he could ever do was wait and see. He stroked Andrew’s hair lovingly as he waited for something to happen, anything that would decide the fate of both himself and his longtime lover and longer best friend.

* * * *

Andrew woke in the woods, alone, cold, dirty, and most importantly, hungry. As he sat up carefully, he took in the familiar surroundings. They were the woods behind his family’s property line, just north of the stables where they kept the horses for breeding. That was when what had happened rushed back to him. He had asked Harris to turn him, or at least attempt it, and he surmised it to have worked because he remembered passing out from utter exhaustion as his lover continued to feed from his neck. But as he placed a hand to his neck, he noticed the wound wasn’t there. It had disappeared like it always did. That was good, so very good because he wouldn’t know how to explain a bite mark so prominent on his tender skin.

A rustle in the woods had Andrew turning around. He wondered what it was. Was it Harris coming back for him? Or was it some animal wondering around the forest ground? The latter proved to be true as a deer came prancing from the brushes and the scent of the animal appealed to Andrew. It made his stomach cramp and make weird noises that signaled he was hungry. But he didn’t fancy a steak of venison. No, this time he wanted to sink his teeth deep into the animal and suck hard on the doe’s life blood.

And so the chase began. He chased the animal as best he could through the dark terrain. The ground was bumpy, most of it covered in leaves or broken branches, and the rest was muddy from when it had rained in the past morning.

After a few minutes of this, Andrew leapt with an air of agility he didn’t possess when he awoke that morning and attacked. He felt long teeth puncture from his gums as his mouth neared the animal’s hind leg and bit down. The animal made a sound akin to a scream, and it went down. Andrew began to suck, sucking the delicious blood down.

It tasted like fruit at first, ripe, sweet fruit, like the strawberries Harris’s mom always gave to him. But the more he gulped down, the hungrier he got. He couldn’t stop sucking on the blood. He tried to pull away, but nothing seemed to work. He kept on sucking until nothing came out anymore but the occasional droplet.

As Andrew removed his new fangs from the animal and wiped his mouth, he saw the blood that came away. It was all over his face from the feel of it, yet he still drank an entire deer clean. He didn’t feel bad. He had hunted with his father numerous times and killed uncountable animals. But this was different. He had just fed but was still hungry.

As he stood up and began to walk away from the animal, he started to get pains in his stomach again. If it was possible, he was more hungry now than when he woke up. Andrew had to find something to fill him up before he went home.

* * * *

Harris slowed his horse, Jaden, down to just a light walk for the final half mile. His mother had sent him into the village to sell some fruit and vegetables and to bring back the supplies she had asked him to get. He was anxious to get back to Andrew. He had been in such a rush that he had to dump a sleeping/dead/undead Andrew in the nearby woods. He didn’t know what would happen from the blood exchange earlier and wanted to find out how his best friend was.

As he neared the house, he noticed something glistening just before the porch. It was dark and shiny yet a big mass was in the centre of it. He sent Jaden into a full-on gallop once again, but when he came to a stop at the mass, he saw his older brother’s body lying there, motionless. It was his brother’s blood. He had been killed.

Harris jumped off his horse and crouched down by his brother. He let the tears fall as he mourned the loss of his brother, Harry, who was older than him by one year. As he let the tears fall, he heard a scream, his mother, and anger took over the sadness he had felt just a moment before.

As he ran towards the sounds of his mother’s anguished cries, he smelled a horrible scent. It made his nose wrinkle up in disgust as the smell of burning rubber came to his senses, masking everything else. In fact, the closer he got to his mother the stronger the scent got if that were possible, and when he reached those sounds stopped dead on the spot.

There, standing in the centre of his mother’s bedroom, stood Andrew. From the view Harris had, he could tell the man had been running through the muddy forest. He was filthy, but nothing was as dirty as the smell radiating off of him. It was horrible and what was worse? Harris’s father, Harry senior, was lying on the ground next to his mother’s feet, dead, just like his brother was outside.

“Andrew? What are you doing?” Harris felt his anger rising. He knew Andrew, his best friend, his lover had been the one to kill his brother and father, and he couldn’t let the same happen to his mother too.

“I’m sorry, Harris, I really am, but you can’t understand. This thirst, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. It consumes me. The more I drink, the more I want. I wanted to stop, but I just couldn’t. I’m weak, Harris.”

Although the words talked about repentance, the evil gleam in the man’s eyes belied his intentions. Andrew was loving the drinking and the killing. In that moment, Harris knew what was expected of him. He had to kill his best friend and mourn the loss of the lover he had once known. This was not the way it was supposed to be.

Stepping up closer to the man, Harris could smell that god-awful stench wafting off of him. Harris surmised it to be a byproduct of the turning. “I will kill you, Andrew. You murdered my brother, my father. That will not go unpunished.”

That evil gleam only intensified at that. “Join me, Harris. We could leave this village, laying waste to whoever we see. No more animal blood or barely surviving off of my own blood. We can live together forever, exactly as we talked about. Just you and I.”

“I will never do that. Not now. You have killed my family. By right, I will get revenge by killing you.”

Harris felt sick as a dog. The smell was all consuming, and seeing his father covered in blood, dead at his feet, was too much. Andrew had to pay.

“Be that as it may, lover.”Then Harris was horrified as Andrew leapt across the room and sank his fangs into his mother’s neck. Harris screamed out as he rushed after the man, but Andrew beat him to it and dove out the window, leaving his mother lying on the ground, choking on her own blood. The thing, because Harris refused to think of Andrew as a man or even human, had ripped his mother’s throat out in his hasty escape.

Harris held onto his mother, trying to stop the bleeding but it was no use. She died right there in his arms not three seconds later, and Harris cried out for his own loss. His family had just been destroyed by something he himself had created. He didn’t deserve to live, didn’t deserve the knowledge of burying his entire family at one time. But he would survive, he would live on until he killed Andrew for ruining his life and that of his family’s.

* * * *

After his family’s massacre the days rolled into one, the days then turned into weeks, weeks into months and so on until centuries had passed. Harris had come close to Andrew’s trail so many times, but the man seemed one step ahead of him. They never crossed or met up once again, but Harris knew what the man looked like. It was ingrained in his mind, even after eleven-hundred years of searching.

In the beginning, Harris would encounter villages full of dead people, some vampires, some humans.  After a while, the tracks Andrew left behind became two, then three, and the numbers kept growing until Harris knew he couldn’t fight this fight on his own. He had to enlist help. And so he created an army of sorts. He trained them in any way possible, and after years of trial and error they succeeded in killing one of them.

Harris didn’t fully comprehend how he had done it but something had gone wrong during g the so called ‘transformation’. He had fed from Andrew until the man had barely any life left inside him before feeding the man his own blood. In theory it sounded good. His vampire genes to outweigh the human and turn any other human genes into vampire ones. But the reality didn’t play by the same rule book. Apparently Andrew was just starving for blood and kept wanting more and more. By this point Harris regretted trying to turn his best friend. He feared he would have to kill the man he loves.

And they were tricky to kill. Stronger due to all the blood they ingested, just as smart as when they were human. Harris had worked out due to Andrew’s path that he had tried to convert vampires but it hadn’t worked. All he tried to turn died.

“I dread coming after these things,”Jacob, Harris’s closest warrior, had told him once. The vampire was correct. Harris dreaded coming after these things too. The name, however, had stuck, the moment in which Andrew had got away from him was the turning point in the life of a vampire. The dreaded era had begun, and the war was far from over.

* * * *


Harris stood on the porch, leaning against the railing of the Reilly property. He watched out into the evening, the forest around them looked peaceful, yet he knew of the real threat lying in those bushes. Now more than ever, he had a reason for protecting vampires. His mate lived in this house. And boy was this mate amazing. Harris was a dominant man, needed control in most aspects of his life. This mate was so eager to please that Harris knew fate had done a good job picking his fated by blood mate. His fated-by-blood mate was a vampire. He hadn’t come across one in centuries, but now he had his mate. A mate Harris knew was confused about him, a mate who deserved the truth from Harris.

Harris turned his head to the side at the sound of a truck roaring to life. His mate was leaving? It was two o’clock in the morning and nobody should go out at this time alone. As he ran for his own Range Rover, Harris’s intent was to follow his intended mate.

The End




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