The Lawman and the Badass by Lynn Stark

*Please note this content contains adult language and themes. It is intended for a mature audience.*

The Lawman and the Badass

By Lynn Stark

Deputy Tim Macon stared at the man stretched out on the cot in the cell. He was wearing ripped jeans, leather boots, and a jacket. He had piercings, shaggy hair and tattoos, and a really bad attitude. All the reasons no one wouldn’t want to take him home to their parents. That and the fact the man couldn’t seem to stay out of trouble. He was twenty-two and had no future, which was a terrible thing because he was also intelligent and clever.

Shaking his head in disgust, he turned away and walked down the hallway. Silver’s sheriff, Grayson Evans, met him at the end just as he was about to go into the break room. He didn’t like the expression on the man’s face. He had worked with Grayson a long time and knew his moods well. Tim also knew that he wouldn’t like what the sheriff was about to tell him.

“I need you to take Bobby home.”

Nope, he didn’t like that. “Why?”

“Because it’s time for him to be released and I don’t want him in town. He’s gotten into enough trouble this week.”

“You know what’s going to happen when I take him home, don’t you?”

They all knew. He didn’t have to ask. They arrested Bobby’s father for assault as often as they arrested Bobby for public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

Grayson was silent for a moment. “Why don’t you give up and give in? Everyone knows how bad the two of you have it for each other.”

“We don’t.” It was a lie and they both knew it.

“It’s nearly the end of your shift. Take him home. Your home. Settle things between the two of you.” The sheriff paused for a moment then said pointedly, “Don’t forget to clock out.”

With that final word, Tim felt a sense of panic. He had been ignoring his feelings for Bobby for the past three years. Hell, he was old enough to be the guy’s father. Well, maybe not quite old enough, but there was enough of an age difference that it put him off. Lusting after the dark beauty made him feel like a dirty old man. There was also the fact that they were as different as night and day. Bobby devoted himself to being the ultimate badass, getting drunk and raising hell. Tim was as committed to upholding the law as Grayson was, and that was saying a lot.  

Retracing his steps, Tim unlocked the cell door and pushed it back. Bobby didn’t move at once. The first sign of life was the arm he lifted from over his eyes. Bright blue and stunning, they stared at Tim with laser intensity.

“Come on. Get up. I’m taking you home.”

A grimace twisted full red lips, lips he had fantasized in a hundred different ways. It took a moment, but Bobby sat up and rubbed his hands over his face. Tim flinched. Didn’t it hurt to rub over all the piercings?

“You don’t have to take me. I can walk.”

“The sheriff wants you out of town. He’s seen enough of you for one week.”

“Evans is a jerk.”

“You’re lucky the jerk likes you so much. Get a move on. I have a bed waiting for me.”

Those incredible blue eyes surrounded by thick black lashes moved over him so slowly that Tim felt his cock stir under the caress. Without warning, an image of this beautifully imperfect man spread out over the white sheets of his bed came into his mind.

Tim stepped back as Bobby walked out of the cell. He followed him down the hallway, his eyes drawn unwillingly to the tight ass in the clinging, ripped jeans. Hadn’t ripped jeans been popular back when Bobby had been a toddler? The thought made Tim feel older than his years. Caring about Bobby wasn’t the problem. The problem was what would he do when someone younger caught Bobby’s attention?

Bobby climbed into the cruiser’s passenger seat without saying a word. Tim normally took the cruiser home. They drove out of town, and he was grateful Bobby didn’t seem to want conversation any more than he did. The headlights cut through the night. Gravel crunched under the tires. He appreciated the cool air blowing in through the open window.

They were about halfway to his house when Bobby made an unexpected move. Without warning a handcuff was slapped over his right wrist and locked.

“What the fuck?” Tim jerked his wrist but not before Bobby locked the twin to his own left wrist. “I hope you have a key to these.” He stopped the cruiser and put it in park. Opening the door he got out, pulling Bobby through the space between his shotgun and computer. Once they were standing out on the gravel road, he held up his wrist, dragging Bobby’s with it “Give me the key.”

Tim stared hard down at the younger man. The reflective glow from the cruiser’s headlights gave him just enough light to see the defiant expression. Fuck, if he wasn’t the sexiest man Tim had ever known.

“I don’t have one.”

“What do you mean you don’t have one?” He tried reaching into his pocket, but Bobby pulled back. He then twisted, trying to get to the key to his own handcuffs but couldn’t get to his pocket to see if they would work.

“I just don’t.” Shoulders shrugged under the leather jacket. There was a defiant tilt to Bobby’s chin. “What are you going to do about it?”

Tim couldn’t remember the last time he’d been so pissed off. Couple that with an unwanted desire for the younger man he reacted with uncharacteristic rashness. Reaching out, he grabbed Bobby and pulled him close as his head lowered. Their mouths clashed as mutual hunger flared between them. Tim kissed him hard, masterfully, taking control and not giving it up as the smaller body melded to his. He could feel Bobby’s cock pushing against his thigh as he wrapped his free arm around him, pulling him even closer.

The taste of the man was incredible. Tim’s tongue delved into the wet heat to stake a claim Bobby would never forget. If he wanted to play games, Tim would teach him the rules. When he lifted his head he pushed Bobby back and reached down to unzip his uniform pants.

“On your fucking knees,” he growled, pulling out his throbbing cock. It had been months since he’d been to the Silver Edge, a private sex club which catered to the sexual tastes of many. Needless to say, his needs hadn’t been met properly. He was about to change that. Bobby fell to his knees in the sharp gravel without argument. The next thing Tim knew his cock was being sucked into the same wet heat he had just tasted. “Suck it down. All of it.” The man would have to all but unhinge his jaw. At six foot five and two hundred pounds, Tim was not a small man in any area. His cock was also impressive in size and it was only the faint of heart which couldn’t manage to suck him down their throat.

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