The Rise of ManLove Novels: Jorja Kish

The Rise of ManLove Novels:ReadingaBook

Why We Love Them so Much

By Jorja Kish

Society has seen its fair share of romance novels from the tragedies of Shakespeare to the Best Sellers on the New York Times.  However, a new genre has had flowing undercurrent among the giants of mainstream romances and that is the erotic romance.

This genre is not quite so new, just surfacing from the shadows where erotica lurked when e-readers didn’t exist and readers didn’t want their neighbors to see the naughty prose they were devouring with gusto.  The explicit language and super hot and sweaty sex scenes in the erotic novel drew readers like a bee to honey.  However, it wasn’t the only reason readers and authors shifted their interest to erotic romance.

Authors began to experiment with this merging genre, and the curiosity of men loving men had a platform.  This exploration of men loving men grew into a subgenre that resulted in a bevy of authors eager to write ManLove novels.  The ManLove novel had similar elements of an erotic romance novel.  Two people connecting sometimes fight their attraction, or submit to it quickly, and indulge in the fiery and explicit intimacy of making love that is written with graphic and erotic words by talented authors.

“ManLove romances dig a bit deeper to furrow out the angst, confusion, and fear of emotions that make men hesitant to let go and love another man.”

The details are similar to mainstream romances except for the detail and heat level, but the content and emotional impact of writing an erotic romance featuring men as the romantic couple added a new, fresh dimension.

 Men are more than capable to love another man just as deeply as the traditional couple of a man and woman. ManLove romances dig a bit deeper to furrow out the angst, confusion, and fear of emotions that make men hesitant to let go and love another man. Fear of ridicule, fear of violence, fear of being nothing more than a one-night stand are all guiding factors the erotic ManLove romance can encompass. Yet, despite all these hurdles dished out from society and in addition to the characters’ own insecurities love is found, bodies are intimate, and hearts flow with the hope of a forever.

It is a special moment when the reader connects to men falling in love, knowing that love between anyone is precious. ManLove erotic romances are hot. Yet, there is nothing plain or simple about reading the emotional connection that probes a bit deeper, shares a bit more vulnerability, and spikes the passion level to new heights.  That is the precise reason readers are eager to pick up an erotic romance between two men.  And authors are just as eager to write the deeper intimacy that ManLove romances tend to demand in characters,  as well as external forces that threaten to keep the lovers from their happily ever after.

Everyone deserves their happily ever after, even men loving men.

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