The Shameless Dragon by Amy E. Lambo

*Please note this content contains adult language and themes. It is intended for a mature audience.*

The Shameless Dragon

By Amy E. Lambo

Dominic watched from afar as Edward searched for a mate. Since everyone knew his preferences, small, cute men surrounded him. Dominic knew Edward wanted to settle down by his twenty-fifth birthday. Unfortunately, Edward had been talking to every cute guy in town. How could Dominic be noticed?

While Edward flirted with some guy, Dominic followed them. In his shifted form, a white basilisk-shifter, he could hide on top of buildings while watching. He peeked down and spotted the cute guy, who coaxed the dragon-shifter into an alleyway.

The shape-shifter world had five islands. With no one ruling all of them, their world didn’t have a name yet. Since Edward’s island wasn’t far from his, Dominic could see the dragon whenever he came by. They were like the kings of their islands, with duties like serving their people and managing the islands’ economy, so they were both busy. It made it difficult for them to engage in a conversation. They weren’t forbidden from mating other rulers or civilians, so Dominic never lost hope.

Why wouldn’t Edward look at him? He was sure the others only wanted to mate the dragon for his possessions. But Dominic wasn’t like that. Despite Edward having cute men around him, he couldn’t help but still love the dragon. He remembered when Edward came to his parents’ house with his family to discuss business between the islands. Although ten years old at the time, he already had a great affection toward Edward.

Even so, Dominic didn’t like the fact that Edward went from island to island. It was as if he only wanted to mate with every living being with a good ass. Only the ones who knew Edward well knew that his calm personality was fake. After all, he was the ruler of Magna, and one of the strongest. He had to keep a good image of himself. On the other hand, Dominic was the weakest of the rulers.

Dominic stared as dragon leaned closer to the other man. Edward whispered something to him. Dominic gasped. Was his crush telling the other man that he chose him? That little bastard didn’t deserve him. He gazed at the dragon’s black hair and bright-orange eyes. Why not him?


Edward knew a white basilisk had been following him. Whenever he came to Doma, he’d sense the adorable basilisk looking at him from a distance. Dominic would be his first choice, had the basilisk’s older brother not threatened to kill him. He had to admit that he spent time with different men every week. That was the reason Dominic’s brother didn’t want to even glance at him, or have him close to his younger brother for that matter. To him, Dominic was every man’s dream. His blue eyes could trick anyone. The man’s blond hair made him look like an innocent angel, but Dominic was a fickle, confident guy.

He heard Dominic’s brother calling him. He turned his eyes sideways to the exit of the alley and saw the other basilisk-shifter dragging Dominic’s human form back home. But on the way, a few of the dragon’s followers spotted the white basilisk. They knew about Edward’s habits, yet they didn’t mind sharing him, as long as certain people stayed away from Edward, like Dominic.

“If it isn’t the most popular basilisk in town. I wonder who made you the ruler of this island. If I remember correctly, you’re the ridiculous guy whose beast coat is always white. Anyone can spot you in other seasons! You’re a disgrace for us.” A dark-blue basilisk-shifter mocked Dominic, and the others laughed. “We know you’re after Edward, pup.” He approached Dominic and looked down on him. “He’ll never go for a basilisk like you.”

Dominic frowned. “At least I don’t have a pathetic personality like yours,” he shot back.

“Let’s go home,” Dominic’s brother, Blake, told him. He regarded the other basilisk about to burst in anger. “We don’t want any conflict. If there’s a problem, we should talk in private. A crowd is gathering.”

The blue basilisk snorted. “Who do you think you are? The ruler? You can’t tell me what to do, let alone your brother himself. And to show how ridiculous you are, I’m going to make a small demonstration.” He swung his fist at Dominic’s cheek, making him take a few steps back. The other shifters shoved him back to the middle of the circle.

“I’ll be right back,” Edward told the other man and paced out of the alley. He made his way through the gathering commotion. He could sense that all of them had ill intentions. Once they noticed the dragon, they stepped aside, and silence fell in the crowd. Edward looked at Dominic on the floor, his hand on his cheek. “Are you all right?” He hid a grin when the basilisk stared up at him, his cheeks flushed.

Blake shielded his brother. “What do you want?” He pointed over the dragon’s shoulder. “Leave. Your twentieth boyfriend is waiting for you,” he said coldly.

Edward frowned at him. After all this time staying away from Blake’s younger brother, he still insulted him in front of the other shifters. “I came here to help,” he muttered. Edward never liked to get in trouble, especially because his father, the retired ruler of Magna, had told him.

“We don’t need you here,” Blake scoffed. “You might be a dragon, but you’re one of those rich, pretty boys who have everything. Just because you’re a ruler doesn’t mean you can have fun all the time.” He smirked at Edward. “You’re an irresponsible ruler.”

Edward snapped. He approached Blake, frowning, and looked down at him. “I have my responsibilities back home. I was the one who came here and stopped a group of shifters from beating your brother up.” He sighed before he continued. “You’re not fit to protect Dominic. That guy punched him and you did nothing. No wonder you didn’t become Doma’s ruler, even if you’re older than Dominic.”

Blake widened his eyes as the dragon held Dominic’s hand and helped him get on his feet. The shifters surrounding them began to whisper to one another. “What are you doing?” Blake asked when Edward didn’t let go of his brother’s hand.

“If you cared about Dominic, you would be able to help him,” Edward commented and raised their entwined hands. “I’m going to take him and look after him. I’ll keep him safe from these shifters.” This was his chance to have Dominic. He couldn’t pass it up if it meant the adorable basilisk-shifter could become his mate.


Dominic stared at the dragon. How had this happened, from Edward not looking at him to holding hands? He shook himself once Blake shifted and growled at Edward. “Brother…what are you doing?” Dominic asked quietly.

Edward pursed his lips. “I’ll prove to you that I can have him,” he said. The crowd gasped. “Yes, he’s the one I want.”

Dominic gaped at the dragon. He then looked at his brother, who shifted back. Blake slumped his shoulders. “Brother, I don’t like that look in your eyes,” Dominic mumbled.

“Okay, I accept it,” Blake said. Everyone was even more surprised. “Only if you truly keep him safe and he’s willing to go.” He slid his hand through his blond hair. “I’ve heard him talking enough about you. The best thing is for him to go. But he can return whenever he wants. He has to rule this island.”

Edward nodded and looked at Dominic. “Do you want to come with me?”

Dominic opened and closed his mouth until he could speak. “Yes,” he finally answered. He didn’t think twice, but he knew that he should have. The dragon led him to a car without waiting for him to get his things or say his good-byes. It was all escalating too quickly.

“Don’t worry, we’re not going to stop seeing each other,” Blake told him. “I’ll go to Ed’s house soon. I just want you to be safe and the peace to remain in this town. With Ed’s groupies around to bother us, that will never happen.”

Glancing from side to side, Dominic became completely disoriented. In a matter of a couple of minutes, he had Edward’s attention solely on him. He was so dumbfounded that he got in the car without realizing where the dragon was taking him.

The ride to Edward’s home had been silent. On the way, another dragon-shifter transported the car back to Magna Island. Finally, the driver stopped the car in front of a large house with a colorful front yard. Crawling plants covered the house almost completely. Dominic stepped out of the car, taking in his surroundings. Edward walked around the vehicle and held his hand. He allowed the dragon-shifter to take him inside. Dominic couldn’t believe it. He was walking into the home of the man he liked. He stared at Edward smiling at him. Dominic still hadn’t taken in what had happened to him.

“Come with me,” Edward said. He led Dominic upstairs. “There’s a room next to mine. Your brother wouldn’t be happy if we were to sleep in the same bedroom.”

Dominic pursed his lips. What a sinister dragon. At least he was going to live with Edward, since they’d known each other for years. Dominic wasn’t strong enough to fight off Edward’s admirers yet. He stopped when Edward opened one of many doors. They walked in. The spacious room looked comfortable, and the bed had four poles holding some kind of cloth. Luxury always took Dominic by surprise, even as a ruler himself. He would never get used to it.

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